5 x Cannabis/Marijuana (THC) Single Drug Test – Testing Kit – Use at Home/Work

Whether you are a medical professional looking for the best in drug screening products and services, a UK employer seeking to reduce the impact of drugs and alcohol in the workplace or a parent interested in home drug tests, you have come to the right place.

If you suspect that your teenage child, employee or pupil has been using some sort of illegal drugs in the last few days, but you do not know which ones, multi-drug tests enable you to test for several drugs at once.

Our tests are reliable and rapid. The way they work is by detecting and identifying traces of THC in the person’s urine, so that within 5 minutes you will be able to see – for certain – which drugs have been taken.

You will need to collect a urine sample. Simply dip the multi-panel tester into the sample and the sensor strips will give you your answers.

These best-selling tests have become the industry standards and are widely used in companies, schools and drug-rehabilitation centres.

Drug tests are becoming an increasingly important tool for parents and partners in today’s binge drinking and drug abuse culture among young people. However, many parents aren’t even aware of the existence of accurate home drug test kits, let alone know how to find them or buy them online.

Product Features

  • Save time: clear results in 5 minutes or less can greatly reduce the time you spend drug testing samples. Negative results may be visible in under a minute.
  • Trust your results: In addition to FDA approval, the Drug Test products are CE Marked, The preferred choice of many customers, especially companies.
  • Simple & Easy to use: just hold in a sample of urine for 10-15 seconds and read the result.
  • Convenient: Test in the privacy of your own home.
  • Delivery: Product shipped in discrete plain packaging with no markings as to the contents.

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  1. MashPatooties says:

    Does what it is intended for

  2. marco says:

    Works fine. I am a cannabis user and I was …

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