70 SECRETS REVEALED: How To Write Content That Converts 600% More (Conversion Rate Optimization & Marketing Books)


Finding it hard to convert visitors on your website? This book will tell you how to fix this problem in 70 different ways.

Read before you buy: This book isn’t going to teach you grammar or how to write good English. It will show you how to write for the web, so that your visitors converts. It’s a conversion rate optimization book for anybody who has a website and sells something online. It’s been written mainly for small business owners who doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on consultants, optimization softwares and courses. It’s a rare online marketing book that has been written for beginners, so that any lay man can understand what all they need to do with their website to earn more sales & profit.

Take This Book As An Investment

If you are already a veteran in internet marketing, you can use this book as a reference to create a new website or a new sales page. Even if you take away 10% of the knowledge from this book, you will learn a lot more than 90% of people who have an online business. Take this book as an investment. You will get your investment back within a matter of days (or hours).

Your time is valuable. It’s a quick read but has some valuable advices. If implemented properly, you will definitely increase your conversions to a commendable level.

What will you learn after reading this book?

✔ You will earn more profits
✔ You will get more email sign ups
✔ You will get more customers to call you
✔ You can reduce your bounce rate
✔ Less people will abandon their shopping cart
✔ You will get more social shares
✔ You will get more comments
✔ You can build trust and show yourself as an authority
✔ You can fix all the loopholes in your website

I have written this conversion rate optimization book for people who own a website or a blog. This marketing book will reveal 70 ways to increase conversions in your website. Whether it’s about making more sales or getting more email sign-ups, you will find it beneficial.

I have tried and tested all these techniques on my personal sites and have increased my profits ever since.

Good luck. Keep Hustling.

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2 Responses to 70 SECRETS REVEALED: How To Write Content That Converts 600% More (Conversion Rate Optimization & Marketing Books)

  1. MelB says:

    Highly recommended! Wow, this book is amazing! The author has put in a lot of time and very, very helpful information into this book. I am so lucky I got the chance to read this book.I have been wondering why my products have not been selling on my website, until I got this book. Everything the author explained on why products don’t sell was exactly why I haven’t been selling my products and I had no idea! I am now going to take the tips from this book to make my products better. I have noticed when I…

  2. Terry Jacobson says:

    very interesting book Most people don’t know the difference between writing for a website and writing for a magazine. This book will show you the difference and teach you many tips which would make you able to write a content that brings much more traffic and customers to your pages. Though there are a lot of tips and tricks out there, it looks like this book compiled them all and more. Each of the points raised by the author were spot on. So I recommend this book to anyone that want to have a website or is in the…

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