2 Responses to Booked: The digital marketing and social media appointment setting system for anyone looking for a steady stream of leads, appointments, and new clients.

  1. Culture Enthusiast says:

    Dejavu and nothing new Nothing new here. It is a summary of other books and well-known concepts: identify the target market, make yourself known as an authority (use groups in LinkedIn and Facebook), build your database (use LinkedIn and send as many invites as you can followed by on-going targeted prospecting every day of the week) attract the right prospects via a campaign and get the appointment. OK, the ebook is free, but trying to position it as something new and revolutionary is quite a stretch. The formula is…

  2. mumofthreeboys says:

    Awful This is the worst business ‘strategy’/’sales’ book I’ve ever read and ever felt I’ve needed to make a comment on. If you like doing nothing else but stalking prospective clients on linked in and fb, sending 500+ personalised messages and emails, keeping track of how many messages you’ve sent and what number of email you are on and loads more very hard work then it could be for you. It goes so far against what I believe good sales to be and I can’t believe other high end business coaches are…

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