Work At Home Jobs For Nurses & Other Healthcare Professionals

“I work four to six days a week, 12 hour shifts and make $350 to $550 per shift, but I realize that I just have enough to pay all my bills with nothing left as I look forward to the next paycheck. I go for extra shifts, but that does not help, worst still I end up not having time for myself and not even staying in the house I am paying for. I would like to make some money on my days off working some few hours from my computer, or better still go full time working from home” If the above statement sounds like you, the answer is found in this book. -Author

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Adult Children of Alcholics Complete: Adult Children of Alcoholics: at Home, at Work, and in Love

Adult Children of Alcholics Complete Examines behaviors typical of those who grew up with alcoholism, and offers advice on dealing with stress. This handbook for and about the adult children of alcoholics helps them recognize and change unhealthy behaviors learned early in life. Full description

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The Everything Guide to Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Professional, reassuring advice for coping with the disorder – at work, at home, and in … (Everything Series) (Everything (Self-Help))

Narcissistic Personality Disorder, often mistaken for a too-big ego or inflated self-esteem, is i….

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Horse Sense for People: Using the Gentle Wisdom of the Join-Up Technique to Enrich Our Relationships at Home and at Work

Monty Roberts, famous horse whisperer and author of Horse Sense for People, believes that “No-one has the right to say ‘You must or I will hurt you’ to any other creature, animal or human”. He has long practised his creed of “non-violence, respect and choice” in his work with horses using a method he calls “Join-Up” described in his earlier book The Man who Listens to Horses. In Horse Sense for People he explains, through a series of carefully drawn parallels, how Join-Up applies to human beings. It is a system of behaviour management based on two-way communication, mutual respect and positive reinforcement of good behaviour. He rejects spurs, whips and other forms of compulsion for horses and their equivalent for human beings. Roberts and his wife Pat have helped to bring up 47 foster children–as well as three of their Own–on their thoroughbred horse farm in California.

Under chapter headings such as “Trust”, “Against Violence” and “The Good Parent” he tells stories and details case studies based on the remedial work he does with–often deeply troubled–human beings. Take the mother who had been home-educating her five daughters and beating them almost daily. She suddenly realised that something was very wrong in her life and approached Roberts for help. Or Peter–“damaged goods” and “with enough baggage for a 40 year old, let alone a boy of fourteen”–the delinquent son of criminal parents who came to Roberts for jockey training.

Roberts is a wise man. And he writes beautifully with a knack of expressing profound truths in language so spare that you don’t quite absorb the enormity of what he has said unless you stop and ponder. “Genius lies in the simplest things in life”, he says and “Fear is the antecedent of violence; ignorance is the antecedent of fear”. His inspiring but practical book should be compulsory reading for any human being who has responsibility for, and power over, others. —Susan Elkin

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Healing Negative Energies: Simple steps to improve your energy at home and at work: Simple Steps to Improve the Energy of Your Home and Workplace


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