2 Responses to Mindset, Marketing & Money: The 3 Secrets Of Successful Online Entrepreneurs

  1. Margaret says:

    Honest and insightful opinions The book is an account of a number of powerful interviews. The strength is – it tells it like it is. The weakness is – it tells it like it is! The spoken word is different to the written word and yes, when you transcribe an interview it does feel different but once you figure out what’s going on it makes perfect sense. The formatting – commented on by a previous reviewer – really isn’t an issue on my iPad. It looks good and seems to make it easy to follow. Not sure what happened on their…

  2. Graham White says:

    A potentially good book ruined What I enjoyed most about this book were the stories and examples that crop up so naturally as part of an interesting conversation. This is what this book is all about. Very interesting conversations which highlight how these particular online entrepreneurs have become recognised as being successful..There are lessons and insights that we can all learn from if we take the time and effort to do so. Whilst I am not a great fan of transcriptions, the conversational nature of this book and the…

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