My Pro Planner Network Marketing Edition 2017

Achieving results in network marketing comes from being motivated, organised, focused and goal-orientated. Designed by and for network marketers, the Network Marketing Edition 2017 of Pro Planner ensures you can be all those things… and more. The annual Pledge, ‘My Why’, Goal Planner and Goal Board pages all help you to set (and stick to!) your goals for the year. And then using the Annual Review page, you can log the progress you’ve made. The monthly Income Tracker, Events Planner, Check-up and Team Volume Map keep you and your team motivated and focused month by month. And then the weekly diary double-page spreads help you to organise each day to the half-hour and to track new customers, contacts and prospects. It all adds up to your indispensable network marketing planner that will tangibly improve results and profitability for you and your team. Who said paper-based planners are obsolete?? You’re twice as likely to stay on track if you write things down, and double that again if it’s hand-written! This is a high-quality, attractive and durable hardback diary/planner that you’ll want by your side throughout the year. If you’re in network marketing and looking for that extra edge, then this will be the best £32 you’ll spend to achieve that. Just check out the 5-star reviews below to see the difference our planner is making to people’s network marketing success.

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3 Responses to My Pro Planner Network Marketing Edition 2017

  1. Fiona Pink says:

    Why I would recommend this planner This is definitely the best diary/planner I’ve ever treated myself to!As you open the planned you meet a pledge page where you pledge to make this year your best yet! Because I signed this page I feel even more committed to meeting my goals!You then follow onto a page where you can write down your why! I know when I’m going through tough times this year I can turn to that page to remind myself why I want to succeed to set myself back on track!You are then…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Amazing for a home and work balance lifestyle I just love this planner! I couldn’t recommend it more! Since using it, it has given me the approach I need to manage my home and work life balance effectively.It has an amazing first few pages where you can really take the time to plan out your goals for 1.3,6,12 months of the year and then your 3 and 5 year larger goals!You have this to hand to look at and remind yourself every day of what you go to work for!You have 2 page spread also for adding to your…

  3. lynsey says:

    Go Pro with My Pro Planner Ready to become a pro at organisation and planning? Then this is the planner for you.With different planners to choose from depending on if you are a business owner, network marketer or fitness fanatic these will without doubt help you to keep track of all those important appointments.I have the 2016 network marketing edition and this year I decided to go for the flashy VIP gold edition, as it is something I literally cannot live without.There is a pledge at…

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