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What Each Character Of ‘Friends’ Would Earn In 2019 Betches

FriendsAnyway, as an English major, I was trained to genuinely believe that characters live past the end of the story, so I’m really hoping that 15 years after the last episode aired, the have all been promoted many, many times and can now afford their multi-bedroom apartments in one of New York’s most expensive neighborhoods. Friendsa set in L.A.Monica is my favorite. She’s loud, she’s pushy, and she’s clean af. Yep, she’s a Jewish mom, alright. In […]

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Lala Kent Didn’t Choose The Feminist LifeWe Chose It For Her Betches

Vanderpump Rules This week starts off at TomTom towards the tail end of James’s meltdown. Lisa and Sandoval are trying to calm James down but he’s crying because he just wants to be invited to the trip. I mean, I can kind of relate. James!! When you say sh*t like that it makes it next to impossible to defend you!  Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Lisa tries to calm down James and stand up for […]

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I Tried To Keep A Budget For One Month & Here’s What Happened Betches

To earn back your trust, I decided to turn things up a notch for a month and set hard limits on how much I can spend on shopping, going out, groceries, and literally everything else. Here’s how it went down. TBH I had a head start when it came to managing my funds. I’ve been tracking how much money I make and how much I spend for the last three years. How do I do it? But I […]

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