Desktop Air Purifier by Sterling | HEPA Air Filter, Cleaner, Negative Ioniser | Breathe Clean Fresh Air Indoors at Home, Work, Office Desktop & Anywhere you can imagine | Small, Light & Portable | USB Powered from Computer, Phone Charger or Power Bank | Helps to Reduce Allergy Symptoms


1. Professional HEPA electrostatic cluster filtration. 
2. Large 360° air intake grill and 38° oscillating grid;
3. The 360° intake barrel, effectively capture harmful particles. 
4. HEPA electrostatic cluster filtration ,dust can intercept less than PMO.3 
5. Microporous activated carbon filter cartridge, will remove and and decompose air borne bacteria and toxic gases. 
6. Low voltage negative ion generator.


1. Dimension: 10.5 x 33.3 x 8cm. 
2. Weight: 0.85kg. 
3. Purification Efficiency(CADR): second-hand smoke(34) / dust(35) / pollen(35). 
4. Noise: 28-35dB. 
5. Rated Voltage: 5V DC. 
6. Rated Power: 2W. 
7. Air Volume(CFM): 30m fand/h. 
8. The Concentration of Negative Ions: 3 million fand pcs/cm.

Package Includes:

1 x Air Cleaner.

1 x USB Cable.

1 x User Manual.

Product Features

  • ✅ ENJOY PURIFIED AIR – Perfect for Adults, Children and everyone else to provide healthy clean fresh air indoors, can also be used with essential oil, to keep skin hydrated, silky smooth even toned, it will also aid in better sleep quality.
  • ✅ HEALTH BOOSTING NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR – Low voltage negative ion generator provides smooth motion which sterilises and cleanse air continuously, efficiently remove and isolate dust and common household allergens from the air.
  • ✅ REMOVE 99.99% OF AIR POLLUTANTS – Sterling HEPA Air Purifier provides uniform airflow through its folding conves microporous activated carbon filter, generates negative ions, effectively isolating more than 99.99% of air pollutants, odours, micro-organism, fungus, suspended particles, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds.
  • ✅ SILENT LOW NOISE TECHNOLOGY – Features a silenced low noise technology, with a 360° air intake grill and 38° oscillating grid gently releasing fresh clean air.
  • ✅ COMPACT, PORTABLE SIZE & USB POWERED – Suitable for small and medium-sized spaces, especially for enclosed environments e.g. Office, Home, Work, which can be easily affected by asthma, rhinitis, pollen allergy, respiratory diseases.

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leading-star Car Glasses Sunglasses Business Bank Card Ticket Holder Clip



100% Brand New And High quality

Color: Random send

Size: 6.7cm x 3.1cm x 2cm.
1cm = 0.393 inch

1.Can be used to clip glasses, business cards, tickets, etc.
2.Won ‘t take much room.
3.Adjusts to hold any eyeglasses securely.
4.Will not scratch lens.

Package Included:
1 x Sunglasses Holder Clip

Product Features

  • Size: 6.7cm x 3.1cm x 2cm.
  • Can be used to clip glasses, business cards, tickets, etc.
  • Won ‘t take much room.
  • Adjusts to hold any eyeglasses securely.
  • Will not scratch lens.

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Affiliate Marketing Splash: Building Affiliate Sites That Rank (and bank)

Affiliate Marketing Splash is a real book, full of solid advice, and no hype. A book about how to make a living dealing with the realities of Affiliate Marketing, it’s…… a book of two hats Learn how to get instant traffic with the “secret sauce” How to rank and bank with slightly shady site building and how to build a white hat authority site that will carry on earning for years This is about the realities of Affiliate Marketing through SEO. If you want a long term sustainable business then you need to know about both black hat and white hat techniques. Splash shows you exactly how to make sites that take advantage of errors in the search engine algorithms for fast cash. And it then focuses on building Authority sites that are built in a more white hat style. If you want to stay ahead in this game then you need to build a varied portfolio, and this is what you will learn by reading this book. Written by Zen Duck Dave, this is the result of 5 years in the Affiliate Marketing game, where all you need to know is revealed. From backlink strategies to the steps taken to build an affiliate site that will carry on earning for years, no need to pick a hat, just pick a strategy and put your heart and soul into it. This is a book about the facts when it comes to building affiliate sites, and how to rank them in the search engines. No false promises, no outrageous claims, just the real deal. An honest look at the state of the SERPS, advanced techniques both black and white, and a kick up the bum for those that need it. If you want to work in your pj’s and smoke your pipe while you dominate the SERPS then you need to know exactly how this game really works. This is the truth about what ranks, how to do it, and how to create sites you would be proud to show your Mom, as well as ones that she would spank your bottie for, if she knew what you were doing.

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Dante Slim RFID Blocking Wallet – Card Holder with 4 Slots Plus Zipper Compartment for Bills – Stylish Leather Accessory Protects Credit Cards Bank Cards IDs from High Tech ID Thieves

Identity Theft is at All Time High! Unless properly shielded, your card-based data is readily available when any active reader is in range!

This Dante Ultra Slim RFID Blocking Wallet is truly the best choice for protecting your identity because it’s:

– HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. You can count on our RFID wallet to protect your cards using state-of-the-art technology.

– INCREDIBLY STYLISH. This slim wallet is certain to impress with its attractive design.

– COMFORTABLE TO CARRY. The RFID wallet slim card holder fits easily into trouser or coat pockets.

– SMARTLY DESIGNED. The slim wallet is compact, yet can hold 4 cards plus cash!

– GUARANTEED. Your purchase is backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Spare yourself the costs and hassles of identity theft the simple way! Choose the best RFID blocking card holder on Amazon! Order the Dante Ultra Slim RFID Blocking Wallet now.

If you are not satisfied, return them for a full refund! NO QUESTION ASKED!

Click the “”Add to Cart”” Button to Protect Your Confidential Information Now!

Product Features

  • [HIGHLY EFFECTIVE] You can count on our RFID wallet to protect your cards using state-of-the-art technology
  • [PROTECT ALL OF YOUR CARDS WITH EASE] Dante RFID blocking card holder has 4 slots on each side to fit all of your important cards and has a handy zippered compartment for cash and coins
  • [ULTRA SLIM FOR EASY CARRYING] Dante RFID wallet slim design makes the card holder comfortable to carry with no bulge in your pocket
  • [KEEP YOUR CARDS WORKING GREAT] DanteRFID blocking wallet also guards against electromagnetic interference from mobile devices that can erase the information from contactless IC chips and magnetic stripes on cards
  • [NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE] We know you’ll love our wallet, that’s why if you aren’t 100% satisfied we will provide you with a refund or a free replacement – whichever you prefer

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Ceramic London Money Box, Police Box – Dr Who Type Money Bank, Would Make A Great Gift

Each London Ceramic Money Box has been Exclusively Designed and Produced by Puckator Ltd.

Each Police Telephone Box Money box is made from ceramic and has been hand painted dark blue and finished with a high gloss glaze. On the underneath of the money bank is an access hole that is sealed with a soft plastic bung.

By 1953 there were 685 police boxes on the streets of London.

Each London Ceramic Money Box comes presented in a decorative gift box.

Product Features

  • Height 17cm Width 7cm Slot 3cm
  • Any Questions? Please Ask Us!
  • Please specify any design or colour choices on ordering.

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