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Big Tech takes a major stand against Alex Jones

Uh oh, your favorite YouTube channels might start implementing non-skippable ads.Image: YOUTUBE You might soon be seeing less of that “skip ad” button over on YouTube. In a video titled Want to earn more money from ad revenue?, posted on the platform’s official Creator Insider channel, YouTube announced a big change for its YouTube Partners.  Any channel that can monetize its videos will soon be able to implement non-skippable ads. Previously, as mentioned in the video, only […]

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Shoppers get drunk, go online, and spend money on Amazon

So many Amazon packages.Image: Peter Steffen/picture alliance via Getty Images Amazon is already more than dominant in the online shopping space, but add a shot or three of tequila and that Amazon Prime free two-day shipping looks even more appealing. Tech and business newsletter The Hustle surveyed more than 2,000 alcohol-drinking adults about their online shopping behavior after imbibing and found that on average, shoppers spent more than $400 per year on items bought while intoxicated. If […]

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The truth about incognito mode (and how it can save you money)

Mozilla, the nonprofit behind the Firefox web browser, has launched a new private file-sharing service called Firefox Send.Image: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images Mozilla’s latest service might make you feel like a secret spy. The nonprofit behind the popular open-source Firefox web browser has launched its new encrypted self-destructing file-sharing platform, Firefox Send. Mozilla’s latest offering has been in beta since 2017. It officially launched on Tuesday. Firefox Send allows users to send up to 1GB of files for […]

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