Pizza Reheating Tray for Microwave Use at Home or Work Great for Students, Busy Parents etc

Enjoy your pizza to the fullest thanks to the best microwave reheating tray. Pizza is an all-time favorite food that we usually enjoy with our friends and family during gatherings, parties, and various kinds of events. Reheating the pizza though is considered a time consuming, tiring procedure that oftentimes ruins the taste. This is not the case anymore thanks to the Handy Gourmet reheating tray. It is made of premium quality silicone and it features a special design. Its two handles are heat resistant so as to protect your hands from getting burned. What is more, the tray’s elevated nubs allow smooth moisture flow and prevent your pizza from getting soggy. The Handy Gourmet pizza silicone tray fits two regular slices or one big slice, and it is very easy to keep clean, as it is dishwasher safe. You can put it in the refrigerator and the microwave as it is extremely durable.

Product Features

  • Premium Quality, Incomparably Durable Pizza Tray: This Top Notch Reheating Tray Is Made Of The Finest Quality of Silicone That Is Very Durable. Buy One, Enjoy For Life!
  • Enjoy The Taste Of Pizza To The Fullest: Handy Gourmet Pizza Reheating Tray Has Elevated Nubs That Assure Smooth Moisture Flow. Also, The Opening Around The Tray Allows Air To Circulate and Assures You That You Will Enjoy Delicious, Fully Flavored Pizza Slices
  • Easy To Keep Clean: This Microwavable Pizza Tray Is Very Easy To Keep Clean As It Is Dishwasher Safe
  • Protect Your Hands From Burns: The Handy Gourmet Reheating Tray Features Silicone Handles That Are Heat Resistant and Efficiently Protect Your Hands From Getting Burned
  • 100% Risk Free Purchase: Keeping You Satisfied Is Our Number One Goal

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Home Exercises: 25 Home Exercises (Exercise At Home, Never Miss A Workout, Homemade Workouts, Workouts For Busy Individuals, Get Fit At Home, Workout At Home)

The cost of a gym membership is much higher that if you were to invest in a home gym. As you complete your home workout plans, you should keep in mind that the cost of any home gym equipment are typically a one time cost, whereas a gym membership hits your pocket book every single month.

Saving time is another obvious benefit of working out at home. The time it takes to drive back and forth from home to the gym and adds up fast.

This book is also really good for stay home moms, that don’t have time to go to the gym and workout , you can simply do all these exercises at home with no equipment needed, get fit at home while not spending so much money on a gym membership !

This book will show you workouts for upper chest, low body, obliques, and abdominal , also other body part muscles that can increase your strength in the long run.

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The Busy Woman’s Train-At-Home Workout Program and Diet Strategy: All You Need Are Dumbbells And a Bench to Save Time, Lose Weight, & Have More Energy to Deal With Real Life (Getting Real)

Too busy to make it to the gym now that you’re busy with real life?

Just plain don’t like going to the gym?

Train at home, discover diet simplicity, and maintain weight loss using real-world, practical strategies..

This book includes a complete, amazingly effective workout program that can be done with only dumbbells and an adjustable bench.

The workouts are in “circuit” training fashion, making for relatively quick workouts that still produce real results. No, these can’t be done in 5 minutes, but they won’t take forever, and they will help you sculpt a better body. They take advantage of Scott’s Metabolic Enhancement Training methodology, so they use resistance, but take advantage of aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, and help you build conditioning and optimize metabolism.

These workouts won’t leave you exhausted; instead, they are designed specifically to help you feel invigorated and energized to help you deal with daily life and its stresses, and your responsibilities. Fitness should help you deal with daily life, not leave you too tired to do so! It’s more than “stress free” training; it’s about training that actively helps you with deal with whatever life throws at you.

This program is perfect for the busy adult woman. The circuit training program has been tweaked and adapted, but was originally for busy woman and busy moms, including those who’ve just had kids, those who are looking to lose pregnancy weight, or those with a full household with children of all ages. This program is great if you’re new to fitness, or if you’ve been involved in fitness in the past, but have found your life, your body, your responsibilities, and time constraints are quite simply very different now.

The included diet strategy is also designed to help you lose weight with healthy whole foods, but to do so in a way that’s stress-free. The end goal is simplify things, so that you’re be able think less about food, not more.

Getting Real

The Busy Woman’s Train-At-Home Workout Program and Diet Strategy is part of Scott Abel’s new “Getting Real” series. This means that it pulls no punches; if something is ineffective, it’s out. That’s why it’s train at home, but it insists on using weight training and dumbbells, with some bodyweight exercises. It’s not bodyweight-only, or a pure cardio program, or anything like that.

Even though this can be done just with a bench and dumbbells, there is also an emphasis on setting up a home training environment that is actually conducive to training and building a training habit. (If other people are using the room where we train, that just won’t be as effective. If pets are trying to play with us while we train, that just won’t be effective. If we want results, we need to get real.) Similarly, Scott has specific recommendations for what kind of dumbbells to get (he prefers “selectorized” dumbbells), and what to look for in a bench (it should be adjustable). Two tiny 1-lb dumbbells won’t do it, not for a real program like this one.

What’s Included:

• A customizable meal plan, with simple, solid guidelines for losing weight long term, and what to expect long term. There are no complicated formulas or anything like that. Just principles that work.
• The complete training program with exercises. You actually get 16 different individual workouts.
• The exercises are chosen to be effective, but not so complex that you need to be varsity athlete to do them. At the same time, readers will also be given access to a PDF with demos of all the exercises.
• The difference between exercise that “exhausts” you, and exercise that “invigorates” you–and why being invigorated is actually better for weight loss.

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Exercise At Home – An Upper-body Workout for Busy Men and Women

Are You Struggling To Keep An Exercise and Fitness Routine Going?

Are You A Member of A Gym, But Rarely Find The Time To Go?

Do You Wish There Was A Simple Exercise Program That Will Be All You Need?

An Exercise Program That Doesn’t Make Use Of Complicated or Expensive Machines?

Have Your Tried Zumba To Lose Weight?

Our fully illustrated series of exercise guides “Exercise At Home For Busy Men and Women” were designed to deliver exactly that.

The benefits of this exercise program is:

+ simple routines – nothing complicated to learn.
+ only 20 – 30 minutes a day.
+ only exercise and fitness equipment – a broomstick and yoga mat
+ exercise your whole body.
+ set routines that can become a life-time habit
+ better your posture.
+ loosen your shoulders
+ strengthen your core
+ will create exercise addiction due to the results
+ exercise without a gym

This book will be applicable to the following target groups:

+ exercises for busy men and women
+ exercise over 50
+ exercise over 60
+ exercise at 50
+ exercise for women
+ exercise for mood and anxiety
+ exercise for beginners
+ exercise for mental health
+ exercise of weight loss

There are four books in the series:


Each book consists of twelve exercises that targets those specific areas. Each exercise is clearly and simply described and fully-illustrated so that you can easily catch on.

This book is the first in the series. It contains twelve upper-body exercises.

Using all four books you will be able to follow this routine:

Mondays – Upper-body
Tuesdays: – Core
Wednesdays – Lower-body
Thursdays – Upper-body
Fridays – Core
Saturdays – Lower-body
Sundays – Stretches

Each exercise routine only takes you 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

The only exercise equipment you will need is a broomstick and a yoga mat.

You can exercise at home.

This is a great exercise guide to exercise for dummies. It contains details exercise instructions for each exercise and each exercise is fully illustrated. It is an exercise guide to exercise without a gym.

If exercise and fitness is important to you and you want to keep in shape for life all you need is this book, a broomstick and a yoga mat.

Go to the LOOK INSIDE feature attached to the book cover on this page to get a feel for what we offer.

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