Desktop Air Purifier by Sterling | HEPA Air Filter, Cleaner, Negative Ioniser | Breathe Clean Fresh Air Indoors at Home, Work, Office Desktop & Anywhere you can imagine | Small, Light & Portable | USB Powered from Computer, Phone Charger or Power Bank | Helps to Reduce Allergy Symptoms


1. Professional HEPA electrostatic cluster filtration. 
2. Large 360° air intake grill and 38° oscillating grid;
3. The 360° intake barrel, effectively capture harmful particles. 
4. HEPA electrostatic cluster filtration ,dust can intercept less than PMO.3 
5. Microporous activated carbon filter cartridge, will remove and and decompose air borne bacteria and toxic gases. 
6. Low voltage negative ion generator.


1. Dimension: 10.5 x 33.3 x 8cm. 
2. Weight: 0.85kg. 
3. Purification Efficiency(CADR): second-hand smoke(34) / dust(35) / pollen(35). 
4. Noise: 28-35dB. 
5. Rated Voltage: 5V DC. 
6. Rated Power: 2W. 
7. Air Volume(CFM): 30m fand/h. 
8. The Concentration of Negative Ions: 3 million fand pcs/cm.

Package Includes:

1 x Air Cleaner.

1 x USB Cable.

1 x User Manual.

Product Features

  • ✅ ENJOY PURIFIED AIR – Perfect for Adults, Children and everyone else to provide healthy clean fresh air indoors, can also be used with essential oil, to keep skin hydrated, silky smooth even toned, it will also aid in better sleep quality.
  • ✅ HEALTH BOOSTING NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR – Low voltage negative ion generator provides smooth motion which sterilises and cleanse air continuously, efficiently remove and isolate dust and common household allergens from the air.
  • ✅ REMOVE 99.99% OF AIR POLLUTANTS – Sterling HEPA Air Purifier provides uniform airflow through its folding conves microporous activated carbon filter, generates negative ions, effectively isolating more than 99.99% of air pollutants, odours, micro-organism, fungus, suspended particles, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds.
  • ✅ SILENT LOW NOISE TECHNOLOGY – Features a silenced low noise technology, with a 360° air intake grill and 38° oscillating grid gently releasing fresh clean air.
  • ✅ COMPACT, PORTABLE SIZE & USB POWERED – Suitable for small and medium-sized spaces, especially for enclosed environments e.g. Office, Home, Work, which can be easily affected by asthma, rhinitis, pollen allergy, respiratory diseases.

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Purposefull Long Handle Grout Brush – Cleans Grout Easily – Grout Cleaner Tool Makes Short Work Of Grime And Stains – Best Grout Cleaner For Bathrooms And Tiled Floors – Tiles Gleam With No Scrubbing – Sparkling Grout Guaranteed

Fantastic for crevices, delivering gleaming grout every time, this sturdy, long-handle grout cleaner, offers the perfect balance of precision cleaning and extendable reach.

No more kneeling and scrubbing, no more stretching above your head to clean bathroom grout. While there are many DIY grout cleaning systems online, there are relatively few grout cleaners that work and this brush always tops best grout cleaner reviews. Whether for tiled floors, wet rooms or tiled showers, our 2 metre long grout brush is certain to become a permanent fixture in your cleaning kit.

Product Features

  • CLEAN BATHROOMS AND TILE FLOORS – in no time, without stooping
  • STURDY 2 METRE GROUT CLEANER BRUSH HANDLE – allows effortless cleaning from floor to ceiling
  • UNIQUE GROUT CLEANER BRUSH DESIGN – gets even stained grout clean with no scrubbing
  • NO HASSLE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – our grout brush regularly wins superb grout cleaner reviews so we encourage you to rely on our product guarantee – if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, simply let us know and we’ll refund you
  • GROUT CLEANER AS SEEN ON TV – proven design and commercial quality bristles ensure clean grout time and after time

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