ONE HOUR DROPSHIPPING SYSTEM (EBAY & AMAZON) – Mid 2016 Edition: How to make money online selling physical products without having an inventory of your own (and for as low as $5)

Start your new online business without spending single dime of your money on product inventory

Inside you’ll learn:
– The simple step by step process – going from ZERO to HERO in a matter of 3 days
– How to set up your ecom drop shipping business in 2 hours or less
– How to find products that will surely sell
– How to choose a product that will make you a healthy profit
– how to create a website and a landing page
– An example of a converting landing page
– The rule of 4x,5x – what is this and how it can save you hours of failed research
– The simplest way to advertise on Facebook… for as low as $5.

Download this book and start your part time (or full time) ecommerce business today!

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The Power of Positive Confrontation: The Skills You Need to Handle Conflicts at Work, at Home, Online, and in Life, completely revised and updated edition

When slighted, misunderstood, cut in front of, annoyed, taken advantage of, or treated rudely, most people avoid their bosses, ignore coworkers, change hairdressers, complain to friends, pound their fists, or rant on social media. They often miss the most positive, effective alternative of all: confronting positively. Now, for everyone who was never taught or never realized that between “bully” and “wimp” is a range of behavior that is positive, dignified, and effective for dealing with life’s bothersome situations, there is “The Power of Positive Confrontation.” This book teaches you the vital skills you need to confront others, communicate effectively, and live a more conflict-free life. In this updated edition, communications expert Barbara Pachter shares a practical, step-by-step guide to tackling conflicts in any situation, including a new section on navigating sticky situations online. “The Power of Positive Confrontation” reveals: The consequences of not confronting or of confronting negativelyHow to accurately assess what is bothering you and whyThree essential steps of polite and powerful confrontationVital verbal and nonverbal skills that make or break communication, including common language pitfallsStrategies for assertive communication, whether face to face, in writing, by phone, or online

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The Social Network (2-Disc Collector’s Edition) [DVD] [2011]

newThey all laughed at college nerd Mark Zuckerberg, whose idea for a social-networking site made him a billionaire. And they all laughed at the idea of a Facebook movie–except writer Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher, merely two of the more extravagantly talented filmmakers around. Sorkin and Fincher’s breathless picture, The Social Network, is a fast and witty creation myth about how Facebook grew from Zuckerberg’s insecure geek-at-Harvard days into a phenomenon with 500 million users. Sorkin frames the movie around two lawsuits aimed at the lofty but brilliant Zuckerberg (deftly played by Adventureland‘s Jesse Eisenberg): a claim that he stole the idea from Ivy League classmates, and a suit by his original, now slighted, business partner (Andrew Garfield). The movie follows a familiar rise-and-fall pattern, with temptation in the form of a sunny California Beelzebub (an expert Justin Timberlake as former Napster founder Sean Parker) and an increasingly tangled legal mess. Emphasizing the legal morass gives Sorkin and Fincher a chance to explore how unsocial this social-networking business can be, although the irony seems a little facile. More damagingly, the film steers away from the prickly figure of Zuckerberg in the latter stages–and yet Zuckerberg presents the most intriguing personality in the movie, even if the movie takes pains to make us understand his shortcomings. Fincher’s command of pacing and his eye for the clean spaces of Aughts-era America are bracing, and he can’t resist the technical trickery involved in turning actor Armie Hammer into privileged Harvard twins (Hammer is letter-perfect). Even with its flaws, The Social Network is a galloping piece of entertainment, a smart ride with smart people… who sometimes do dumb things. –Robert Horton

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Creative Basics: 30 Days to Awesome Social Media Art (2017 Edition)

In April 2015 over 1400 people joined Crystal Stine for a 30 day “Creative Basics” challenge that took them from start to finish to create everything from text-only graphics to quote graphics and quite a few things in between. Now you can take the challenge at your own pace with all the great content (plus some extra resources!) with the new Creative Basics: 30 Days to Awesome Social Media Artbook!

What you’ll learn:

Where to find photos
> Some rules about fonts
> How to use Canva, PicMonkey, and several of my favorite apps
> …and, by the end of it, you’ll even create a free printable to offer your readers!

This is content that Crystal typically shares at conferences collected from over 10 years of marketing, blogging and social media experience, all in one all-encompassing resource for you to work through at your own pace!

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Youtube Geldmaschine: Wie man Amazon Produkte durch Youtube Videos verkauft (Affiliate Marketing mit Youtube Video-Reviews) (German Edition)

In diesem Buch lernst du mit einer Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung wie man sich ein Nebeneinkommen aufbaut, indem man als Affiliate Produkte von Amazon auf Youtube verkauft

Sogar für Einsteiger ohne Vorkenntnisse geeignet!

Ich zeige dir:
– Wie man durch Youtube & Amazon Partnernet Geld verdient
– Einen 6-Punkte Kriterienplan, durch den du erkennst, welche Produkte sich bestens verkaufen
– Warum man in Nischen mit Konkurenz einstiegen sollte und wie man sich gegen Mitbewerbern behaupten kann
– Wie man Affiliate-Links erstellt
– Das perfekte Produkt auswählt
– Wie man ein Video-Review erstellt (Vom Anfang bis zum Ende)
– Wie man seine Videos für Youtube optimiert
– Wie das Video auf Seite 1 der Suchergebnisse kommt

Du hast 2 Möglichkeiten:
1. Du kannst ohne meine Hilfe anfangen, wirst Fehler machen, Zeit und Geld verschwenden, um dann irgendwann vielleicht Geld zu verdienen
2. Die Abkürzung. Du lernst aus meiner Erfahrung, bekommst Tipps und Tricks und erfährst wie man ein Video erstellt, welches jeden Monat passive Einnahmen generiert

Die Wahl liegt bei dir!

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My Pro Planner Network Marketing Edition 2017

Achieving results in network marketing comes from being motivated, organised, focused and goal-orientated. Designed by and for network marketers, the Network Marketing Edition 2017 of Pro Planner ensures you can be all those things… and more. The annual Pledge, ‘My Why’, Goal Planner and Goal Board pages all help you to set (and stick to!) your goals for the year. And then using the Annual Review page, you can log the progress you’ve made. The monthly Income Tracker, Events Planner, Check-up and Team Volume Map keep you and your team motivated and focused month by month. And then the weekly diary double-page spreads help you to organise each day to the half-hour and to track new customers, contacts and prospects. It all adds up to your indispensable network marketing planner that will tangibly improve results and profitability for you and your team. Who said paper-based planners are obsolete?? You’re twice as likely to stay on track if you write things down, and double that again if it’s hand-written! This is a high-quality, attractive and durable hardback diary/planner that you’ll want by your side throughout the year. If you’re in network marketing and looking for that extra edge, then this will be the best £32 you’ll spend to achieve that. Just check out the 5-star reviews below to see the difference our planner is making to people’s network marketing success.

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