From Resume To Work: How to get your resume to help you find a job faster than it has ever done before

In my book, From Resume to Work, I share with you the 10 challenges to watch out for on your resume and how employers are now looking at each challenge as a potential landmine in your business character. These landmines give them another reason to pass on your resume. I then share a pet peeve of the most anal of employers called the dangling resume. From Resume to Work contains a wealth of input from my experiences going through over 7,000 resumes and hiring over 500 people. I also share insights from employment specialists in many different areas who want you to get it right and understand how best to connect with the employer. From Resume to Work shares five reasons why your resume gets rejected by the employer. Then it covers four areas that will help you answer the primary question on the employer’s mind: “What are you doing now?” From there this book will walk you through the three steps of the #1 key to connecting with the employer. From Resume to Work offers resources and gives you check lists to help you use this book with great success. Resources include: – Help with building your resume and cover letter – A list of Temporary Agencies – Where to find Contract Work and Short-Term Employment – 100 Top Companies offering Work-at-home Jobs – 50 Companies where you can get an online job – Where to obtain Online Education and Training – Starting Your Own Business Self-Assessment Sites – Volunteer Opportunities that could lead to a regular job – Internships and externship opportunities – Startup companies where you can find a job The book ends with a “Next Step” chapter that has a link to a MUST SEE video for those who use my book to get the interview, but desperately need some interviewing help. In addition to this, I also share with you how you can get your own free 27-page step-by-step illustrated download I developed called “5 Fixes to the Dangling Resume” on how to fix one of the growing pet peeves of employers today. I include my contact information should y

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International Niches Affiliate Marketing: Start Selling Affiliate Products on Non-Competitive Foreign Niches & Make Profits Faster!

Make Money via Foreign Niche Affiliate Marketing


Inside this book you’ll discover:

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– The top 3 biggest niches to target right now

– The top countries to target besides the U.S.

– How to do proper keyword research

– How to create your website from A-Z

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– How to rank your website in Google through 5 minutes of work

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This method is perfect for beginners like you and there is no better way to get started than this business model.

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