Work-Related Stress Poster | Laminated A2 Stress at Work Poster Measuring 420 × 594 mm, Office Equipment Promoting Stress Management, Health & Safety Poster for All Employees, by Daydream Education

Our Work-Related Stress poster helps both employees and employers to notice, understand and act upon the causes, symptoms and effects of work-related stress. With clearly defined titles, concise bullet pointed information and an array of relatable images, the poster is a fantastic way to ensure that employees know their wellbeing is important for both themselves, and for optimum organisational performance.

Product Features

  • IMPORTANT HEALTH & SAFETY INFORMATION: Presented in structured sections dedicated to ensuring health and safety knowledge, this fantastic Work-Related Stress poster can help all employees to recognise the importance of wellbeing in the workplace.
  • BRIGHT & ENGAGING DESIGNS: Our health and safety charts are bright, colourful and informative. With bold designs and concise information, this health and safety poster is an excellent resource for your office or workplace.
  • ENCOURAGE HEALTH & SAFETY UNDERSTANDING: Engaging and clear images accompany straightforward content, ensuring all employees will gain a comprehensive understanding of health and safety, and most importantly, its role in a successful workplace.
  • LARGE SIZE: IDEAL FOR READING FROM A DISTANCE: Our health and safety posters are a large size, meaning they are highly readable from a distance and will easily complement your work environment.
  • DECORATIVE WORKPLACE DISPLAYS: Our health and safety poster is a bright and engaging wall chart that can greatly improve the décor of your workplace, whilst providing a useful reference point for employees to refresh knowledge about work-related stress.

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Standing Desk Hub Sit Stand Desk Converter Adjustable to any height; Pro Uplift Computer Workstations for Home and Office Use Plus LIMITED OFFER desktop cellphone holder & Standing Desk Health Guide

Standing at Work is Good for Your Health! (If You Do It Properly!) You’ll Receive a FREE GUIDE on How to Best Use a Sit Stand Workstation for Improved Health.

General Information

Standing Desk Hub’s Sit Stand Desk Converter provides the affordable solution for sitting and standing at your workplace. We developed and tested the highest quality materials to make these the most sturdy and reliable desks on the market with smooth and easy operation to any height. All our desks come with a unique Lifetime Warranty.

Product Highlights

– Easily Adjust to any height
– Lightweight and portable
– Fits compact office spaces
– Perfect for laptops or pc monitor

Product Specifications

– Max.loading weight capacity : 25 lbs
– Product weight: 15 lbs.
– Height: Ranges from 1.25 inches up to 21 inches
– Desktop Size: 25.5 x 17.5 inches; surface area 2.5 sq ft
– Fast Assembly approx 5-10 minutes – no tools required

Invest in the Best and receive world class customer service from a 5 Star Amazon Seller.

Order Now And Get Cellphone Holder(Value £6.95) LIMITED OFFER ONLY

Product Features

  • LAUNCH OFFER ENDS TODAY! We’re serious – Transform your life today! Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Desk Compact perfect for converting all home office or work desks. Easy to move to different workstations.
  • Stand-out quality; Unique rail system with smooth glide bearings to easily change to any height in seconds with easy to operate strenghtened finger clamps. Extra tough surfaces for lifetime of use. Soft pads stop markings to base desk.Adjustable desk designed for use with all laptops, desktop/Mac PC’s for 1 monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Included: The Ultimate Guide on how to use a Sit-Stand Desk correctly for improved health, wellbeing & weight-loss. Please don’t use a standing desk without knowing the correct way to use one.
  • Easy assembly instructions included to get set up within minutes. Great Customer Service – We love our customers! Work-desk dimesions 25.5 x 17 inches. Lowers to 1.5 inches up to 21 inches. Great for tall people too!
  • Free Desktop Cellphone Holder worth $8.95 completes the look! 100% Satisfaction guaranteed on all our products. Industry leading Liftime Warranty. No Risk returns if not right for you! Click the Add to Cart and Don’t look back!

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Wallace Cameron Health and Safety At Work Poster Laminated Wall-mountable W590xH420mm Ref 5405023

  • With comprehensive and up-to-date guidance on first aid regulations, safe moving and handling, control of substances hazardous to health and much more
  • Wipe clean, laminated for durability
  • Wall mountable using sign fixing tabs
  • Size: 590x420mm

Product Features

  • Full Pallet
  • High Quality A4 Paper
  • White bond material
  • Suitable for double-sided copying
  • Full Pallet,High Quality A4 Paper,Laser guaranteed.,White bond material

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Ensure you comply with the new British standard

Since 1997, one, ten, 20 and 50 person kits have been the workplace standard based on BHTA (British Healthcare Trade Association) guidelines.

As work environments and first aid protocols have changed, and new first aid products have been developed, the BHTA and the BSI (British Standards Institute) have announced a new standard of workplace first aid kits to help provide more effective first aid.

Our new range of workplace first aid kits all conform to the new standard BS-8599-1:2011.

First Aid In An Emergency Booklet – Single 1
HSE Medium Dressing 6
HSE Large Dressing 2
Disposable Non-Sterile Triangular Bandage 3
St John Ambulance Finger Dressing 3
Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m 2
Safety Pins (pack of 6) 2
No. 16 Eye Pad 3
Washproof Low Allergy Plasters Assorted (Pk 10) 6
Sterile Cleansing Wipes (pk 10) 3
Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 10m 1
SJS Nitrile Powder Free Gloves (large) 9
Revive Aid 1
Disposable Heat Retaining Adult Blanket 2
Burnshield® Dressing- 10 x 10cm 2
Tuff Kut Scissors (green) 1

Product Features

  • High Quality First Aid Kit From St John’s Ambulance
  • Complies with the NEW BS 8599-1 Standard
  • Suitable for Medium Workplaces
  • Make sure you have the latest standard kit

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