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Bubble-driven boom in M&As hides steep costs long-term

Sridhar Vembu drawbacks, and a lot of ink has been spilled outlining the potential reported, “On average, about a quarter of the executives in acquired top management teams leave within the first year, a departure rate about three times higher than in comparable companies that haven’t been acquired. An additional 15% depart in the second year, roughly double the normal turnover rate.” Upon further research, the Harvard Business Review survey found that “executives continued to depart at […]

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Lady Gaga hopes award shows will become gender neutral

Dolls (like iced coffee, sitting in chairs incorrectly, and not being able to drive) are decidedly gay culture.Image: VICKY LETA/ Mashable  Has there ever really been a gay doll?  Well, yes and no. In 1977, “Gay Bob,” marketed as the world’s first gay doll, was sold through mail-order ads in gay magazines. And I’m sure that Mattel still thinks about the “Earring Magic Ken” fiasco of 1993, and his “necklace.”  But there’s nothing inherently gay about dolls […]

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This Instagram is dedicated to calling out preachers in expensive sneakers

What would God say about a $5,000 pair of sneakers? An Instagram account called Preachersnsneakerslooks at the footwear habit of some of America’s most famous preachers, and a quick look at the account reveals the high-level sponsors and big money that flows into their churches. It has many on social media asking, “what are those?” The awareness comes thanks to 29-year-old Tyler (the site’s creator wishes to remain anonymous), who lives on the West Coast and works […]

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