Text Me! Snap Me! Ask Me Anything!: How Entrepreneurs, Consultants And Artists Can Use The Power Of Intimate Attention To Build Their Brand, Grow Their Business And Change The World

Build Your Personal Brand and a Massive Following in an Hour a Day!

Do you want to BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND as a coach, consultant, author, creative artist, small business owner or entrepreneur?

Based on his own success as an Inc 500 entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author and global speaker, Kevin Kruse reveals how to:

  • Become a go-to Thought Leader in less than a year
  • Quickly build your audience using other people’s Facebook groups with the Visiting-Sherpa Strategy
  • Turn newsletter subscribers into “SuperFans” who buy everything you release with the Ben Franklin Effect (repeat this every week)
  • Generate sales from even the smallest email list with the Intimate Attention Secret
  • Discover your subscribers’ true interests and needs with the Reply-Challenge Technique 
  • Learn the secret to making an impact and creating a life that truly matters

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SYLK Natural Intimate Moisturiser 40g – Pack of 3

Sylk is NHS approved. Relieve feminine vaginal dryness of the skin while working with your body’s own natural lubricant. Sylk’s intimate moisturiser and lubricant is special non-stain/non-grease formulated to stop vaginal dryness at any time. Compatible with internal and external contraceptives such as condoms and combats causes of painful intercourse. Works safely with hormone based contraceptives, when breastfeeding or pregnant. Safe to use with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). 100% Paraben FREE – Sylk uses natural, organic ingredients that reduce female dryness and irritation around the vaginal area. Natural Intimate Moisturiser Sylk long lasting vaginal moisturizer uses natural, safe ingredients that are unlikely to irritate the delicate vaginal area and solve issues with dry vagina skin. Sylk is a water based lubricant which is free from nasty chemicals, hormones and parabens. Especially formulated, Sylk has the same pH as your vagina, and is made with all natural ingredients so you can be confident it provides gentle and safe lubrication. The Best Vaginal Lubricant Sylk is the ONLY water based vaginal lubricant that is available on NHS prescription making it one of the best natural lubricants on the market. Sylk is widely prescribed by doctors and the NHS as a formula for menopausal woman as well as a combatant for vaginal dryness. Our personal lubricant is designed to soothe and hydrate, working in harmony with your body.

Product Features

  • Sylk is made from natural ingredients including a unique plant extract – the kiwifruit vine gum. The vine gum replicates the vagina’s natural pH balance and is very similar to natural lubrication.

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