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How to Convince a Prospective Customer to Sign Your Contract Sooner than Later

51% of contract workers don’t get benefits. A similar percentage have work that varies in volume from month to month. In other words, freelance work or contract work isn’t stable. Why is this so? I mean, the no benefits part makes sense. Who is going to give you benefits? Certainly not your clients. But the unstable unpredictable nature of contract work, its source is varied. A majority of the time, however, it’s time wasted on failed contracts […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to Opening a Coffee Shop

We’re at the tail-end of the coffee revolution. We survived fair-trade coffee and we’re all now consuming single-origin direct trade coffee through vacuum tube processing or…something. The coffee business is still booming. You see new coffee stands cropping up on every street corner. Everyone craves that effervescent pop of caffeine tickling their brains. Consumers spent $74.2 billion on coffee in 2015. That’s only four years ago. If you love coffee, money, and people, then you might think […]

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