TWO Helxine Soleirolia soleirolii Mind Your Own Business 9cm Plant Pot

2x Soleirolia soleirolii Mind your Own Business, in two 9cm plant pots. S. soleirolii is a wide-creeping evergreen perennial with slender, rooting, pink to green stems bearing tiny rounded leaves and minute pinkish-white flowers in summer. Often referred to as ‘Mind your Own Business’ or ‘Baby’s tears’. This evergreen perennial is ideal for encouraging to grow between cracks in patios, and flagstones. This plant also makes a great rockery plant, and it can also grow up walls. This mat forming perennial has an ultimate height of 10cm, and an ultimate spread of 0.5-1 metres. These plants do not do well in an exposed windy position.

Although the plant(s) may be shown in flower in the photograph, that may not necessarily mean you will receive your plant(s) in flower- due to the plant’s specific flowering season. The plant(s) shown in the photograph is an example of the plant(s) you will receive, and you therefore may not receive the exact plant(s) photographed. Plant pots may vary, from those photographed. Please remember these are live plants and will therefore naturally vary in leaf size, colour and number. All plant(s) packaging is 98% recyclable. Occassionaly we may trim plants slightly to fit into the boxes, this will cause no long term harm to the plant.

***All plant(s) will be shipped Monday to Thursday.***

Upon arrival of your plant(s) please soak them in a bucket of water for 10 minutes. It is recommended to plant your plant(s) the same day your receive them- as they will have been in trasit for a few days and need planting asap. Water regularly until established.

Product Features

  • 2x Soleirolia soleirolii Mind your Own Business
  • Provided in 9cm Pots
  • Wide-creeping evergreen perennial
  • Ideal as a Rockery plant, Ground cover, or growing on a wall
  • Ultimate height of 10CM and ultimate spread of 0.5-1Metres

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