Pizza Reheating Tray for Microwave Use at Home or Work Great for Students, Busy Parents etc

Enjoy your pizza to the fullest thanks to the best microwave reheating tray. Pizza is an all-time favorite food that we usually enjoy with our friends and family during gatherings, parties, and various kinds of events. Reheating the pizza though is considered a time consuming, tiring procedure that oftentimes ruins the taste. This is not the case anymore thanks to the Handy Gourmet reheating tray. It is made of premium quality silicone and it features a special design. Its two handles are heat resistant so as to protect your hands from getting burned. What is more, the tray’s elevated nubs allow smooth moisture flow and prevent your pizza from getting soggy. The Handy Gourmet pizza silicone tray fits two regular slices or one big slice, and it is very easy to keep clean, as it is dishwasher safe. You can put it in the refrigerator and the microwave as it is extremely durable.

Product Features

  • Premium Quality, Incomparably Durable Pizza Tray: This Top Notch Reheating Tray Is Made Of The Finest Quality of Silicone That Is Very Durable. Buy One, Enjoy For Life!
  • Enjoy The Taste Of Pizza To The Fullest: Handy Gourmet Pizza Reheating Tray Has Elevated Nubs That Assure Smooth Moisture Flow. Also, The Opening Around The Tray Allows Air To Circulate and Assures You That You Will Enjoy Delicious, Fully Flavored Pizza Slices
  • Easy To Keep Clean: This Microwavable Pizza Tray Is Very Easy To Keep Clean As It Is Dishwasher Safe
  • Protect Your Hands From Burns: The Handy Gourmet Reheating Tray Features Silicone Handles That Are Heat Resistant and Efficiently Protect Your Hands From Getting Burned
  • 100% Risk Free Purchase: Keeping You Satisfied Is Our Number One Goal

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There is Nothing Social about Social Media: A Guide for Parents

Have you lost your child to Social Media? Do they spend more time interacting virtually than in person?
This book tells the story of how one dad took on Social Media and rescued his teenager from a virtual life where the lines between what is reality and what isn’t were blurred.
Peter Barry offers parents practical tips for helping to cut the cord between teenagers and their devices and to teach them that there’s nothing social about Social Media.

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How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents: Volume 5 (Perspectives in Gifted Homeschooling)

Do you want to homeschool, but you need to keep working? Maybe you’re already homeschooling, but you would like to start a business? Perhaps you’re homeschooling, working, and volunteering, but need to create space for yourself? How can this possibly be done? How do other parents manage. Enter Pamela Price of Red, White & Grew. After interviewing parents who are dealing with these very issues, Pamela has written “How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents,” published by GHF Press. Filled with real world examples and tried-and-tested approaches, “How to Work and Homeschool” will give you the ideas and confidence to develop a game plan to incorporate work, homeschool, family obligations, and more into your busy life. Pamela busts myths about work and homeschool, shares some truths, and even provides sample schedules to help you get started. Whether you’re considering homeschooling or are a veteran looking to make a change, “How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents” will help you on your journey.

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5 Low Cost Business Ideas for Work at Home Parents (5 Simple Money Machines)

If you could give up your commute to and from your job and work at home now, would you do it? Work at home parents are in the enviable postion of being able to set their own timetable.. This book outlines 5 low cost home based business ideas (+3 bonus ideas) that can be the start of you becoming a Work at Home Mom (or Dad…).

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