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Desk Lamp, [3 Level Brightness] and Control Panel [Date,Time,Temperature], Increased Productivity at Work, Office, Study. Strong Powerful Lamp for Focus and Concentration. Harmless and Comfort for the Eyes. USB Plug.

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Looking for a lamp or a light which does not dry your eyes and enables you to focus on your activities for a long time?

We made one for you! Made in Europe + High-tech!


Hikari means « Light » in Japanese. Inspired by the country of the rising sun, our manufacturing team worked hard to conceive an efficient and elegant device. With its robust and épurée silhouette, the Hikari study light embraces technology and taste.


Three levels of lightning (low/medium/high), for all kind of use. Put in right beside your book, tablet, computer, file you are reading or working on if you want to be more productive. Place it further away if you want to highlights the beauty of your pictures, TV screens or paintings. Turn your room into a museum.


Sculptures, objects, arts and all sorts of products become beautiful. Your eyes are at the core of Hikari’s ambition. A lot of lamps are made to be seen. This one deserves the same privilege. But it also serves its purpose and function perfectly: making what you look and see PERFECT.

The importance of lightning are overlooked by most people. Although we cannot live without electricity, there is a strong inequality amongst lamps.

What the human body requires is a light which is as close as possible to what the sun offers.

What’s better than a lamp which respects the values of the land of the rising sun?

Feel enlightned every time you turn it on. This lamp provides a white-colored and silk surface to soften your interiors and make everything comfortable and pleasant.


  • Our buyers are the apple of our eyes

    Product Features

    • FEATURES – Time, Date (month/day), Temperature. 3-Level Brightness. Flicker-Free and Ghost-Free
    • LIGHT QUALITY – 29 LED Lamp. 3 levels for any activity: office, work, reading, writing, studying, painting, engineering
    • GOOD-LOOKING for Desktop, Modern or Antique Tables. Minimalist Design, Foldable, Elegant White Color, Soft Touch
    • USER-ORIENTED Light is harmless, not blinding, does not dry the eyes, adjustable levels of light. Optimum, Premium Lifestyle. Great Equipment for Improving Style of Indoors: Rooms, Apartment, Office, Lobby, Hall, House, Garage, Attic
    • MADE IN FRANCE Hikari is made in Europe (France). Package contents: 1 x Hikari Lamp 1 x USB plug (1m50)

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