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40 Life Lessons That They Dont Teach You In High School, But You Learn Immediately In College

It might look like high school and college are separated by only a few, short, glorious summer months, but the reality is very different. The two are worlds apart! There are so many valuable things that you learn almost immediately after going through the college gates that it’s remarkable. Obvious things that you would never have even considered back in school. Because both autumn and the brand new school year are upon us, here is a list […]

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Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been pledged to rebuild Notre Dame. It’s only half the battle.

Yesterday, millions of people all over the world watched as one of the most iconic buildings in history went up in flames. Today, they sprung into action. Whether you’d never seen the cathedral in person or had walked by it everyday of your life, it was a devastating event to witness. And while many are still in mourning over the loss of Notre Dame’s grand spire, many others are already making a plan to restore the cathedral […]

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This eight-year-old homeless, refugee chess champion now has a place to live. And so much more.

via GoFundMe Earlier this month, Upworthy shared the remarkable story of Tanitoluwa “Tani” Adewumi, the eight-year-old refugee who won the New York State Scholastic Championships tournament for kindergarten through third grade. His family fled Nigeria in 2017 to avoid being killed by Boko Haram terrorists. At the time he won the championship, he had only been playing chess for only about a year. During the same period, he and his family lived in a homeless shelter in […]

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