Affiliate Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Ideas and Strategies on how to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing and Acquiring Financial Freedom (How to Make … Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Marketing)

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In this day and age, there are countless ways to make money online. The day has come where the term online marketer is the ideal job more many and most people don’t even know the full extent of online marketing.

Online marketing is more extensive than most people think, ranging from email marketing, social media marketing, and direct marketing. One of the biggest markets is affiliate marketing.

What makes affiliate marketing so unique is that it allows individuals to take advantage of real products and make money from someone else’s work. In this process both parties win. The product creator gets a sale, and the marketer is rewarded a commission.

There are many different ways to begin leveraging other people’s products,

This book will teach you everything from,

  • The History of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to get Started in Affiliate Marketing
  • The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
  • Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • and as a bonus,

    Different Affiliate Marketing Websites you can use to Begin so you can get Big Commissions

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Revolutionize Your Relationships: Communication Secrets on How to Succeed at Work and at Home

The boss who never seems to notice how hard you’re working The coworker who takes credit for your ideas The overbearing in-laws who give you no respect The BFF who frequently takes advantage of you The significant other who goes to extremes to avoid conflict Sound familiar? Get ready to revolutionize your relationships. ALL of them…both at home and at work. The key to success? Sharpening your communication skills! It’s been proven again and again: communication is the superglue that holds any relationship together. What’s more, the better able you are to communicate with others, the happier and more successful you will be in all arenas of your life. Rewarding and lucrative careers, strong and lasting friendships, meaningful and satisfying romance all hang on this one uniquely human ability. Many books about communication tend to be, well, ho hum. But not Coach Todd Reed’s “playbook!” His style is informative, yet entertaining; serious, yet packed with dashes of humor. And as you learn to become a master communicator, you’ll discover: The evolution of men and women at work…and how it affects your on-the-job relationships today How to crack the gender code so your messages no longer get “lost in translation” The amazing benefits of being all ears How to get your point across without uttering a word The secrets to tackling tough conversations The tricks to staying positive in a world full of negative influences How to keep your work-life balance in check And so much more! As a bestselling author and Certified Professional Coach whose passion and expertise lie in communication and relationships, Coach Todd’s tips, tools and techniques have helped thousands revolutionize their relationships, and as a result, transform their quality of life…both professionally and personally. Now it’s YOUR turn.”

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The Working Dad’s Survival Guide: How to Succeed at Work and at Home

Most fathers today strive both to be successful in their careers and to be loving, involved dads. It sometimes seems like an impossible tug-of-war. But it doesn’t have to be. 

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide helps dads understand they are not alone, and offers a series of concrete time and life management strategies that enable them to succeed in their careers while alsobeing the present, involved fathers they always wanted to be. Through personal stories and interviews with dozens of working dads, as well as actionable advice and useful self-assessment exercises, Scott Behson will help you feel more confident in succeeding in both parts of your life. 

Specifically, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide will help dads: 

  • Understand that most dads face the same struggles they do.
  • Articulate their career and family priorities through reflection and self-assessment exercises and by reading about other dads’ experiences. 
  • Assess their current workplace’s and employer’s attitudes towards work and family. This can lead to a better understanding of ways dads can pursue work-family balance and what barriers may be in their way.
  • Maintain and enhance their work productivity through better prioritization, planning and focus, as well as more efficient time management.
  • Understand how to create, negotiate for, and utilize workplace flexibility.
  • Understand their rights regarding paternity leave.
  • Protect family time from the creeping demands of work.
  • Improve their focus on the most important aspects of parenting, and gain a better understanding of how wives, families and children benefit from present, involved fathers.
  • Carve out “me time” – exercise and social activities – needed to de-stress, renew energy and maintain mental health. 
  • Build a support network of other working dads so that they can give and receive friendship, emotional support and tangible help.

A portion of the book’s proceeds is donated to A Better Balance, an advocacy organization promoting family-supportive workplace and social policy. 

This book also features a foreword from Dr. Stewart Friedman, bestselling author of “Total Leadership” and “Leading the Life You Want.”

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