Teach and Grow Rich: Share Your Knowledge to Create Global Impact, Freedom and Wealth

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3 Responses to Teach and Grow Rich: Share Your Knowledge to Create Global Impact, Freedom and Wealth

  1. Brian Parsons says:

    Essential Reading for Anyone Launching an ECourse First, confession, I am a big fan of Danny Iny from his podcasts and blog posts… and so when I discovered that he had written a book on ecourses… well, the book was ordered in 2 minutes flat… and I wasn’t disappointed. Danny has always struck me as the sort of kid in college who was actually paying attention, taking notes, and really thinking about what was being said… which means, he’s now the cool kid everyone goes to when we want to know stuff… because he’s thought things through,…

  2. Mr Jeremy Paul Fox says:

    Honest advice – don’t expect overnight success though I came across Danny Iny via another marketing consultant, Dov Gordon, when I was very skeptical about all this online business stuff. I took a punt and haven’t regretted it a bit – Danny’s totally trustworthy (so is Dov). I’ve followed a lot of Danny’s advice over the past couple of years – it’s all been good, honest, actionable advice and has brought me results. Not life-changing results, but definitely the results he’s promised. He’s a world away from a snake oil salesman.And this…

  3. Anonymous says:

    First of all, this is a quick book to read. You could sit and read it from start to finish very quickly. Maybe 2 hours, a little longer if you don’t read so fast. Having known Danny since before his meteoric rise to internet fame, I know he’s the real deal. That he’s a writer that does what he advises people to do. I purchased one of his first programs, reviewed his first books and watched his journey unfold. I can only imagine that if you hadn’t seen it unfold that you might think his journey…

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