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  1. Craig J Todd says:

    Energise and Grow Rich The Secret referred to throughout the book is (I believe) the following:First CREATE A VIVID PICTURE IN YOUR MIND OF EXACTLY WHAT IT IS YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE (could be something small, or perhaps your Major Definite Purpose).Then, and this is the key part, CULTIVATE A BURNING DESIRE to attain it.Sounds simple? And it is, but here is the magic in the method… A burning desire is really the ENERGY that you put into believing you can obtain your goal. Other…

  2. Eidson F. Hall says:

    This edition not the best I have owned this book for years, but I recently have discovered another, newer version that is far superior. It is “Think and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised” published by Aventine Press. For one thing it is a bigger book, both in size and in pages (412). It turns out that the book that this review is about is an abridged version of the original, something I never knew in all the times I have read it over the years. This smaller version, while good, contains nothing like…

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