Tristan Thompson ‘Feels Like He Has Nothing To Lose’ In Trying To Win Back Khlo Kardashian – Perez Hilton

Tristan Thompson is a man on a mission… the only problem is, well, what if the mission is literally impossible?

Khloé Kardashian is the

But no matter what Tristan tries to do to win Khlo-money back, it’s just not clear True Thompson‘s momma is even interested in reconciliation at all… which makes his still-relentless pursuit all the more strange and ultimately futile, doesn’t it?

Well not to him, apparently! A source spoke to HollywoodLife about the 28-year-old baby daddy’s current situation with the 35-year-old reality TV star, and judging from the comments this insider made, it sure sounds like Thompson absolutely won’t take “no” for an answer. The source dished about his undying optimism for a reconciliation:

“At this point, Tristan feels like he has nothing to lose when it comes to his relationship with Khloe. Tristan has no plans on quitting leaving flirty emojis anytime soon on her Instagram posts and as long as he’s not blocked from Khloe’s social media, he’s going to keep on it. Tristan doesn’t mind that Khloe isn’t following him back, he knows he still has a lot of work to do before there would even be a chance of winning her back. But Tristan feels that she is worth every ounce of effort he’s putting in and isn’t one to back down from a challenge.”

OK. So, that’s cute and romantic… up to a point.

We totally get it

But there must come a time where the pro athlete also realizes his reality TV is ex is completely not down to reconcile — like, at all — and he should respect her wishes and go the f**k away. Ya know?! There’s a fine line between pursuing and stalking! Just saying!!!

As if on cue for this discussion, the athlete is at it once again, leaving a thirsty comment this week on yet another one of the Good American founder’s sexy IG photos.

It all started with this snap, which the KUWTK star posted on Wednesday to promote her upcoming KKW Fragrance line, which will be released on Friday:

Very beautiful, indeed!

Evidently the basketball star thought so, too, because he left an emoji response of “❤️👑❤️,” as you can see in the screenshot of his comment (below):

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