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A very warm welcome to anxiety freedom today! My name is Steven Britton, I am a former sufferer of anxiety. 

For over 20 years I was dogged by anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD and generalised anxiety.

During this time in my life I was a slave to my anxiety, I was living a very limited life. It caused problems in nearly

every aspect of my life, from dating to achieving academically. From the age of 18 onwards my grades took a nose dive,

I became introvert and obsessed about what others thought of me. I increasingly found it difficult to find women to date,

and the dates that I went on very rarely went past the second date due to severe social anxiety. I suffered from crippling panic attacks, social phobia, OCD and PTSD. For years I could not sleep properly, I had difficulty going to sleep and

staying asleep. I would often wake in the night, as my mind simply would not ‘shut off’. I had problems at work too,

I was unable to hold down a job for long. On one occasion anxiety was responsible for me getting fired!

I came to a decision that I no longer wanted to be a slave to anxiety. I really had had enough. I was tired in mind,

body and soul of living like that. I decided to find a solution to my problems. I tried everything, and researched many different methods, but nothing provided me with a long-lasting solution. I then started to study brain chemistry and

found a solution that worked and that provided long lasting results. I documented this method and called it the

anxiety freedom manual. I decided that I wanted to help other people tackle their anxiety. I set up anxiety freedom

today, a blog about my experiences of anxiety and ways to combat anxiety that you can benefit from.

I really hope that you can get some useful information from this blog, I know how bad anxiety can be, and how it

destroys lives. Remember that anxiety can be be beaten! I am living proof. Your journey of recovery starts today!

Feel free to to check out the anxiety freedom manual by clicking on the link below this video.

For over 20 years I felt just like you. I tried everything from reading NLP books, to counselling with 4 different counsellors, and various techniques that I picked up online, nothing really seemed to work. As my anxiety affected all aspects of my life, I became ever more frustrated depressed and even felt suicidal.  Then, aged 36 I began to study brain chemistry, trying various techniques to cure my anxiety. After a lengthy period of time I started to see results. My anxiety was gone and for the first time in many years I could sleep throughout the night. I documented this method and called it the Anxiety Freedom Manual. I simply had to share my findings with the world!

“The anxiety freedom manual IS AMAZING. It has been very useful and the best thing
about the book is that it is very clear. Unlike many other books I’ve read, the book
you’ve written gives very clear instructions on what to do and the typesetting made
the instructions very striking. Alright I have to say, I’m not good at expressing my
emotions at all. But I want you to know that by writing this book, you have benefited
anyone who has, or will be, fortunate enough to come across it. This book is just too
useful and amazing to not be recognized as some established manual for patients
with anxiety issues all around the world.”


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