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Social Media campaigns with just a few clicks for a year and beyond!

Some of our specific tools that will make your life easier and all you need to create fast, professional social content, save time, save money, ease of use, transparancy, and a joy to use.

Awesome Features.

Flexible Scheduling

Every post scheduled as per your posting needs requirements.

Personalized Templates

Personalize your templates and campaign images. Capture your unique style and language to grow your brand.

Analytics Tracking

Keep track of your campaign and social platforms performance per post.

Image Posting

You can customize your post images and control your social brand presence so that you stand out.

Video Generator

You can generate a unique video campaign posts with ease using our video generator that will allow you to create quick and effective video content from your post or page.

Why is Blue Strawberry Special?

Using our Ai platform is both a time saver and content promoter all in one. With our software, you can generate a unique social media campaign within a few simple clicks for the year and beyond. Blue Strawberry automatically generates quotations for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn using your Blog content or creates the content from your YouTube videos; then we schedule these across your selected social media platforms.

You can create your campaigns anywhere and on any device as we are cloud-based and we also have iOS and Android apps to allow you the ability to manage from your smartphone or tablet.

Exclusively developed for…

Small Businesses





Are you running out of hours in a day to post Blog or YouTube content on Social Media to stay relevant?

Perhaps you are finding that only not enough hours in the day to create fresh content and then the hassle of setting up posts with various software. Now is the time to change, and here at Blue Strawberry, we have come up with the ideal solution to make this happen. Our software develops fresh content and keeps posting over the campaign duration you set, driving more traffic to your blog/business or YouTube Channel. Take back control of your day by letting Blue Strawberry take all the work off your shoulders and save you time and money.

Share on all of your favorite networks

Automatically generates quotations for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn using your content.

Managing a fast-moving successful travel business is hard work; we need to get the content blogs and travel product information out to our customers about new destinations, travel news, and continuously refresh both new and existing customers of what a travel journey is all about, this even includes recent information about the pandemic of Covid. So how did we master this? Well, I came across Blue Strawberry after the company CEO recommended it. Frankly, it has saved time, money, and effort for everyone in the team; we post regular and just as examples, we have over 197 posts scheduled through the year as I wrote this review, all using the Artificial Intelligence within that software with creative quotes. For me this is a win software solution that actually does help, very easy to use and I highly recommend.

Jack O’Brien

Manager at Pure Vacations




Using Blue Strawberry has made my life so much easier; I write my blog and watch as all my social media receives posts throughout the year. Could not be easier; I sometimes use the video function too and create some extra content. Now I sit on the beach, or relax drinking coffee knowing all my social media is looked after.

How to stay relevant on social media

Helps me succeed!

Online Store Owner

Really love using Blue Strawberry; it has allowed me to spend more time on running my business with sales and customer service and take the long hard work of continually having to schedule more content about products and posts that I have done. This software has saved me lots of time, and that has saved me money!

This software changed my life!

This software changed my life!

Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, I enjoy blogging and posting stories and articles about my new clothing designs. What I hate is having to schedule and work out my social media campaign. Blue Strawberry came along and has changed all that; it takes 5 minutes max, and it’s done for the year from each post! Thank you, Blue Strawberry!

Travel Agent

Time Saver!

Travel Agent

I run a small but successful travel agency. We are always scheduling content; it is hard work, having to keep up to date with blog posts, then sharing content on all platforms. That is when I turned to Blue Strawberry, and it saved the day, allowing me to spend more time with customers and selling travel. My employees love to let the software do all the work.

Social media analysis tool

Its fun!

University Student

Listen, I don’t have a lot of money; I mean, what student does, right? But I wanted to take control of my social media posts from the student blog I run. A friend of mine said to check out Blue Strawberry, it offers an entry package, and I am so pleased I did. I now have more time to study, and all my friends comment on how I am always posting.


Simple to use!


I work as a teacher, but I am also a part-time blogger. I love to post regular articles once a week, but the trouble is I really do not have time to everyday sort out social media. I came across Blue Strawberry by fluke, but it has saved me a lot of time and makes my life as a blogger so much easier, so I was happy to give this review.

How Blue Strawberry Works

Download our app and stay connected

You can customize your post images and control your social brand presence so that you stand out.

Plan Details

  1. Up to 3 Campaign Workspaces
  2. 3 Users
  3. Up to 3,000 social media posts a month
  4. Video included
  5. 12 Social Media Profiles


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