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Established Profitable Cooking Recipes DROPSHIP BUSINESS Website AUTOUPDATING



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Price: 12500 USD

Established Profitable Cooking Recipes DROPSHIP BUSINESS website AUTOUPDATING

Profitable Cooking recipes ,website in Evergreen Niche – No Experience or Maintenace Required!!

KILLER Niche – Evergreen Business – HUGE MARKET – NO Experience Required!

Demo will be sold with auto updating robot worth $40.

The plugin which imports products can switch between Affiliate and Dropship modes according to what the owner of the website prefers. I have included a picture from the Plugin dashboard.

                                                            LIVE DEMO 

The site is running on WordPress with a premium theme, responsive and ready for mobile/tablet visitors. WordPress is very easy to manage and you can very easily add new revenue streams or manage site settings from the admin panel. The theme I am using also offers a powerful control panel for easily managing the site settings. I have already installed all necessary plugins to manage the site properly. No additional technical knowledge is required to run this site.

Driving traffic to a COOKING RECIPES blog wont be very difficult since this is an interesting topic and new recipes come every single day. It is both fun and profitable to own such online business. Cooking has always been an interesting topic and you are guaranteed to have huge fan page driving profit from advertising and product sales!

There are various ways to get started to earn with your blog, lets learn more about them.

  • Google AdSense If you have a Blog or a website you can sign up for Google AdSense and make money through it. It´s Quick, Easy to Set Up and Free.Google?s AdSense is an attractive revenue making opportunity for small, medium and large web sites since a long time.

    Google AdSense program is based on Pay-Per-Click (PPC)(which pays more than $5 per click in this niche). When someone clicks on the ads on your website, few cents are added into your Google AdSense Account.

  • affiliate marketing It’s a platform where you could use your Blog or website to sell someone else?s products in this case of our Viral Blogging Sytem Sell its Self and its the only affiliate opportunity out here that pays you the whole 100% Commission on All Sales that you will make here.The good news is that you don?t have to waste your time and energy in keeping a stock of Products and deliver it to the customers. 

    affiliate marketing is simply referring the Product to the online shoppers and on every purchase you get certain amount of commission.

    As an affiliate marketer you are given a link to a Product to be sold online so that when a sale is made by you, it’s traceable and you get paid for it. 


  • Selling a Product Online                                     
  • Making money online by selling a Product is a known phenomenon. You can get started by selling your own Product or other people’s Product and get paid in return.Talking about your own products or service  you may provide service like developing websites and softwares, or you may have complied an E-book that you can sell online.
  • Selling other people?s product can be like ? selling domain names and web hosting packages of other companies, travel packages of companies and many more such products.

  • Selling advertising space on your website Once your blog is established and is having regular traffic you can offer space on your blog to advertisers to place their ads on your website and in returns you get paid.More the number of visitors on your website more you can charge.

  • Advertising Being in such a HOT niche like Cooking, this site could become very profitable and one has to choose affiliate partners as well as ads placement.It’s easy to replace/add more advertisement according to your wishes and internet marketing skills.Highly customizable, WordPress based cooking recipes website with outstanding design, innovative advertising and incredible potential.
  • website FEATURES

    1. Professional and modern website design with great potential. Catchy domain name that visitors will remember. 

    2. website already populated with content. Over 100 recipes already loaded. Every 24 hours new recipes is being added.

    3. Responsive Google AdSense.  the scripts loads a different google adsense spot for each screen size.

    4. Multi Language site support.

    5. Unlimited sidebars each post, page, category can have it’s own sidebar.

    6. Custom widgets.

    7. Google fonts  change the fonts easy from the Theme panel.

    8. User friendly and search engine friendly navigation.  

    9. SEO: Schema with rich snippet microdata for articles and reviews. 

    9. Built in review system.

    10. Integrated Google XML SiteMap. A compatible sitemap of your blog which is supported by Ask.com, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO.

    11. SEO friendly urls. The urls and keywords for each page have been optimized in order to target the keywords to get a better ranking.

    12. The website is social media ready. The social links let your visitors follow you on your social accounts.

    13. Flexibility: The ability to add additional sources of revenue. You can also add additional categories & pages. 


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