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Finance Advice WP AutoBlog Website – Free Installation + Free Hosting



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Price: 1399 USD

Finance Advice WP AutoBlog website – Free Installation + Free Hosting

Affiliate Online Business Site 

Free Installation + Free Hosting 

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Finance Advice WP AutoBlog website – Great Affiliate Income Potential!

Turnkey Affiliate Online Business Site.

Profitable market niche

: If you are looking for a niche to invest time and money,

then you won’t go wrong with the

Finance Advice WP AutoBlog website – Great Affiliate Income

website. With the right advertising and marketing money can be made if you work at it!

Finance Advice AutoBlog

Autoblogs are the perfect solution for people who want to make money online on full autopilot. Once you set an autoblog – you just need to collect your profit. Professional autoblogs of high quality (exactly what we offer) can bring their owners tens of thousands dollars per month. The best monetization methods for autoblogs are Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliate, CPA, Clickbank.

Main Features:

• Hot highly-demanded niche

• 100% automated – this website is set up to run on autopilot

• Automatically updated fresh up-to-date content

• 15 Articles per day!

• AdSense Ads incorporated

• Professional Design

• Great potential from all possible monetization sources

• 0/hours work and no technical skills needed to operate such website

• Perfect on-site and on-page SEO including optimized unique images, SEO Titles, SEO Descriptions, Tags, etc.

• CMS: WordPress

Your Advantages:

• Extremely popular niche – The Finance niche is one of the most profitable in Internet attracting tons of users.

• The best and fast monetization method – you will not have any problems with extraction of profit from Amazon.

• Zero level risk for your investment – you can flip this website any time you want and earn considerably more than you’ve spent on your purchase.

• No skills needed – it’s a very simple business to run even for a newbie and it does not require any experience from you.

• Quick set-up – you start your business instantly and can start earning from the Day 1.

  • So many people hear about the possibility of Making money online with

    Ad Sense,




    There are literally thousands of related searches made on this niche.

    You can instantly start a blog about making money with Ad Sense and help a lot of beginners while having the opportunity side income by placing Click bank ads or any other Ad network that caters to this particular niche.

    Quick and Easy Installation. This blog comes with a premium plugin that will allow you to easily install the whole blog package in practically less than five minutes. No more trouble installing WordPress, messing with SQL files, MySQL / PHPMYADMIN, and messing with codes. In short, simply upload the blog package’s file to your webhost, follow the three step installation and you’re done!

    Now Genesis Powered Site! This blog runs with Genesis Framework – a state of the art WordPress Theme Framework most trusted and most loved by website developers. One of the many advantages of this theme framework is that your blog will now be fully search engine optimized and will help your blog rank higher in the search engines.

    Easy Ad Management. This blog has a custom made admin panel that will allow you to quickly and easily copy and paste your own ad codes, affiliate links, and banner promotions. Simply add your AdSense code and affiliate ID’s. No more wasting hours and hours trying to locate where to put your ad links.

    Pre-installed Plugins. This readymade blog comes pre-installed with 21+ important WordPress plugins and also integrated with Ad Sense, Amazon, and Click bank ad blocks.

    Bonus. I’ve also added PLR Articles. You may use it to keep the blog updated. Use the included WP-Import plugin to upload all articles then schedule when each article will be published.

    Editable Footer Credit Link. The footer credit link to Pre made Niches can now be easily changed into your own links using the built in theme settings. Links found in the sidebar are also removed.

    This Blog Comes with:

    Easy to Follow Installation Guide – Comes with fully illustrated HTML Guide and 5 PDF Manual.

    Custom Theme Control Panel – Custom made Theme Control Panel to let you quickly and easily replace and add your ad codes, affiliate links, and banner promotions.

    40+ Pre-posted Articles – these “starter” articles are already posted as part of the complete blog.

    PLR Articles – Comes in .txt and .doc format. You have full PLR rights with this articles. You can sell, give away, and re-use any way you like.

    Its own logo – If you want to make the blog’s logo unique for “branding” purposes, a PSD file is included for easy editing.

    Its own design – this blog uses eye catching graphics, perfect placement of ads and functional readable content to make sure that every blog is easy on the reader’s eyes.

    Video page – the latest and most relevant videos from YouTube that are related to the website niche have also been added to keep your visitors educated and entertained.

    SEO – This blog is search engine friendly. I enhanced the original settings to ensure the proper use of tags and permalink settings.

    Latest WordPress and Optimum Plugin Settings – This blog is installed with the latest version of WordPress (version 3.5) – the Internet’s premier blogging platform. We regularly update all niche blogs to prevent nasty bugs as well as broken themes and plugins.

    Important plugins such Akismet, All-In-One SEO, Contact Form, and many more are all pre-configured so you don’t need to spend hours attacking your WordPress dashboard.

    WP-Import – Included in the blog is the WP-Import Plugin. You can use this plugin to upload in bulk tens or even hundreds of articles into your blog and schedule it. This blog is optimized to the Highest Level for:

    AdSense – the color blended 300 x 250 AdSense block has been strategically integrated into the sidebar as well as 336 x 300 blocks in the individual posts (you can also insert your Click bank code here). This placement will ensure a maximum click-through rate and give you a great stream of passive income.

    Click bank – Integrated Click bank products. Just add your Click bank ID from the Admin panel. I have also included an AdSense-like click bank units in the sidebar. This gives the opportunity to have higher earnings.

    Amazon – Integrated Amazon Store on every post. Simply add your own Amazon ID from the admin panel.

    Private Label Rights License:

    Basically, you can do almost anything you want with the blog:

  • You can change the header image (a Photoshop file comes with it for easy editing)

  • You can change and edit the articles which is strongly recommended

  • You can put your Ad Sense, click bank, Amazon codes and any other affiliate links on locations wherever you want it and keep 100% of the profits. In fact, this is the purpose of this product – to help you have your own instant blog and make money!

  • And yes, you should have your own web host and domain for this kind of product.
  • Only, please don’t give away the blog for free and don’t include it on free membership sites.

    In Summary:
  • [YES] Can be used on your own personal domains.
  • [YES] Can be edited completely and put your name on it.
  • [YES] Can change and edit the articles (strongly recommended).
  • [YES] Can be added to paid membership sites.
  • [NO] Cannot be added to free membership sites.
  • [NO] Cannot give away the blogs for freeThis Web is optimized to the Highest Level for:
  • Adsense – the color blended 300 x 250 Adsense block has been strategically integrated into the sidebar as well as 336 x 300 blocks in the individual posts (you can also insert your Clickbank code here). This placement will ensure a maximum click-through rate and give you a great stream of passive income.

    Clickbank – Integrated Clickbank products. Just add your Clickbank ID from the Admin panel. I have also included an Adsense-like clickbank units in the sidebar. This gives the opportunity to have higher earnings.

    Amazon – Integrated Amazon Store on every post. Simply add your own Amazon ID from the admin panel.


                 Life long Technical Support

we will provide complete website with sub domain

Or else, you can use your own domain

[you can to get your own domain with any domain registrar(ask me if you don’t know how)]

Even if you have your own hosting we will do complete set up on your hosting also.

Contact us if you have more questions!

Lifetime 24/7 Support – we will do our best to assist you for business success 🙂

       Note : Domain name is not included

PayPal is our preferred Payment Method because it is safe and secure.

Payment must be received within

2 days of purchase, however if this is not possible, please let us know to discuss further solutions.

Item(s) will be dispatched within 24 hours of full payment.

Please make sure you reply to all our messages as soon as possible to help complete the transaction.

We can host for you free and no monthly charge for the next Six Months, if you are hosting only this website with us hosting is free.

You will be given FTP and Database Access to your files. But if you want to host websites with us with your own CPanel that would be the price for the month.

We will create your own CPanel account with your login details to host your websites.

Free Setup and free support.

Note : Domain name is not included


We are supplying rich & high-quality websites and other internet related services

We have Different types of website from web BLOG to Multi affiliate sites, Web stores even enterprise websites
We can assure that we have a site for each & every customer need.
If you are interested in making that internet fortune, totally rely on the internet or just having a little fun online we could have the website for you.
We can also host the site for you on our Server, and we will offer full support & assistance
Please take time to browse our eBay store at our varied title listings.

” Once you provided your domain name we will install and setup the website and 

 We will provide fully working website  Nothing will be transmitted as a digital 

format. We will not violate any eBay policy.”

·         It does not breach eBay’s Downloadable Media Policy.

·         This is not an illegal copy and I am fully within my rights to resell this item

·         I am either the Author, the copyright holder or an authorized re-seller, or this item is in   public domain.

·         Proof can and will be provided to eBay staff upon request.

·         This listing complies with all eBay rules and regulations.

Nothing will be transmitted as a digital  format. We will not violate any eBay policy.”

No Trademark or Copyright Laws have been violated. I have a resell license to all listed items. Proof can be provided upon request.


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