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Fully Stocked Mental Health Store Business Website for Sale



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Price: 3495 USD

Fully Stocked Mental Health Store Business website for Sale


mental health store business website

ClassyHost Mental Health Store

ClassyHost Phones Store

Product Description

Over $100.000 invested in
script development! Business and Shopping Money Making Store
With Amazon,  Google Adsense, 
Resell Rights Products and Other Income Streams. YouTube Videos
& automated RSS news

multiple streams of affiliate income
with this custom niche website using Google Adsense,
Amazon and plenty
of other affiliate programs. Unlike
other cheap websites, over 100.000 US dollars were invested into this
High End Revolutionary New website development. 

This affilate website has state of the art backend admin panel for easy
site management.Your Custom Niche website gives you
the chance to earn up to 70%
 promoting products you don’t
even own
. You simply type in your name, fill in a few basic
details, click your mouse button (to save what you just typed in) and
your website is ready to go…
It’s as simple as that! This
website is connected to Amazon International. It is very
flexible and can work for any market worldwide. It is 100%
automated. This web site draws it’s stock from Amazon and other systems and is updated by these
companies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the
year. Even while you are sleeping if there are items no longer
available then your website will be updated automatically.
Similarly, if new products become available then they will be added to
your website without any need for you to touch a thing. All you
do, is collect your commissions from the sales generated by your
site. This website has been built for one reason –

We utilize Amazon International’s excellent affiliate marketing program.
By linking to Amazon products  and    
services we will add compelling content for your site visitors
enjoyment, plus you will receive referral commissions for doing so.

will customize your AdSense settings and code to correspond to the
website content in your website, this will allow your visitors to click
the ads and earn you and AdSense income. All ads will correspond to the
articles you edit or place in your website, and your key words you use
to gear your website around your niche will also contribute to your
niche advertisements and earn you an AdSense income.

built in your very own RSS feed reader into your website. By simply
selecting a category from a drop down box or even entering your own
custom feed URL if you choose, you can show the very latest RSS feed
content on your website for your chosen category. This is an awesome
feature for showing brand new, up to the minute information on your
site, keeping it fresh and informative

You can
customize your affiliate website settings and show what links and what
websites you would like to be affiliated with. We have a pre-chosen
list of the top paying affiliate websites on the internet today.
However if you do not want to use this list simply add your own custom
affiliate links. This website is after all 100% versatile.
Not only do you have full control you can change and update your
affiliates as your website business changes.

opt-in email facility provided for you in the control panel, you can,
at the click of a button, add your opt-in form to your website that is
linked to your own account, generating subscribers now and for years to

fully integrated your site with a complete Resale Rights
Product system. Simply add a keyword related to your niche, your Resale
Rights Fortune affiliate ID and the amount you want to display, and
instantly get targeted resale rights products listed on your site,
complete with images, all linking to your very own affiliate ID. This
really is an awesome tool that we’ve integrated into your site that
both you and your visitors will love!

insert your favorite Youtube videos through the admin panel and make
your website more unique, useful and fun to use.

This website has the maximum amount of earnings
revenue coupled with a fully editable and working website. It
is not the usual affiliate website, this is your own business
. It is made completely user friendly
with maximum earnings potential from multiple income streams
. It’s your website so you
control it!

How does it work?

Simply login to
your website admin control panel we provide, here you will have full
access to all the features. No HTML knowledge is needed to edit
your website! Edit your website via our ‘Easy Edit
feature, all you need to do is enter your details. The whole process is
so simple a child could do it. In a matter of minutes your website is
ready to make money for you. Here you can also edit and add content so
your website is 100% unique. That’s it! You have your very own unique
that can generate multiple streams of income
for years to come
.  Very soon you will have a river of
cash flowing into your bank account!

You can edit your website and customize
it to your own exact specifications and have a website that is
completely unique to you. When we say 100% we mean 100%!
No Two websites Are The Same! Check
out just a few of the admin panel features that you get in your


  • Admin Settings – edit and
    change your username and password to one unique only to you. This
    secures your admin panel to only you.
  • Personal Settings -insert
    your details which will be used for visitors to contact you via email
    on the contact form on your website. Just like your own helpdesk.

  • Basic website Settings –
    edit your website header, footer, copyright details, welcome text,
    index page content and lots more. This will make your website totally
    unique to you.
  • website S.E.O Settings –
    optimize your website by simply inserting your website key words to
    soar up the search engine rankings. You can also add your website
    tracking details in here too.
  • website Theme Settings –
    choose from 59 different pre-installed themes for your
    website by click of a button. Change the design any time you want, you
    can even have different design every day! You also have the option to
    use a custom theme of your own if you choose.

  • Custom Content Settings – use
    the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and our unique ‘drag
    and drop’ feature, if you wish display Custom Content in your website.
    Here you can insert your product graphics, business content, products,
    or anything else you wish to display, to make your website more unique.

  • Adsense Settings – insert
    your AdSense code to display your Google AdSense paying ads. Each click
    will earn you revenue.
  • Amazon Settings – insert your
    Amazon affiliate ads to create your own Amazon affiliate income stream.

  • Mailing List Settings –
    Inserting your autoresponder code will allow your visitors to Double
    Opt-in to your subscriber list, which will allow you to send them
    broadcast and predefined email responses. There is nothing more
    important than allowing your visitors to join your mailing
    list. This website makes it real simple for you to do this.


       Earn money from
top-paying banner ads with Google Adsense Publisher Program. Each time
a visitor to your site clicks on one of those ads you will be paid. The
visitor doesn’t even need to buy anything! They just click and you make
money. Google Adsense pays anywhere from a few cents to several
dollars per click, depending on the popularity of your site! 
See the table below to learn about the potential of this revenue

Example of Income Stream: Google Adsense

 Paid per Click

 Clicks per Day

Approximate Revenue

per Month










revenue every time a visitor purchases something from your website
through Amazon Associate Program. You can receive from 4% – 10% with
the Amazon Affiliate program.  Your affiliate code is embedded in
your site, so when anyone clicks on any of the Amazon links and
purchases that item, you will receive a commission.  The more they
buy, the higher your commission up to 10%.

Example of Income Stream:
Amazon Associate Program when selling 20 items per day

 Sales Commission

Approximate Revenue

per Day

Approximate Revenue

per Month










  You can also earn
a lot of cash with Commission Junction, with your own custom
affiliate links and Resell Rights Priducts system! Make even more money
with your own custom affiliates of your choice. Your opt-in email
facility allows you to generate subscribers, being able to push a
button, send an email and make $100, $500 or even $1000 within a few
hours is something many people can only dream of.


  • How will I receive money?

  • Use
    your website to generate an affiliate income from excellent affiliate
    programs such as Amazon, Google Adsense and/or a selection of yur own
    affiliate links (fully customizable) and any other website affiliate
    programs or your own websites products.

  • Is
    my website completely 100%

  •  With your website easy
    edit feature, you can create your own 100% unique content niche
    website. The admin WYSIWYG control panel will allow you to edit your
    website, add your own content, your own key, your own SEO key words and
    your own articles.  In a nut
    shell you can edit all your website settings to make your website
    targeted to your own personal niche.

  • I
    am a
    complete newbie, will I have any

  • The website has been
    deigned with the beginner in mind. Each and every aspect of the website
    has been created to make your website experience as simple as possible.
    Simply login to your control panel and edit your website settings.

  • What
    the requirements needed for the

  • You
    need to sign up with all the various affiliate programs. This is 100%

  • Will
    my website be database

  • No,
    you do not need any complicated databases. The website has been
    specifically designed not to be database driven, to make it as easy as
    possible to manage your website.

  • There are
    multiple affiliate programs with my website. What if I do not or cannot
    include one of the programs? e.g. Google’s AdSense

  • You
    have the ability to pick and choose which companies you wish to promote
    e.g. If you do not want to promote Amazon products, no problem, you can
    simply uncheck the Amazon check box.


    • FREE!
      Available Dot com, store, shop or info Domain
      Name of your choice if you host at ClassyHost.com .

    • You can also use your existing
      domain name.

    • Advanced Turnkey Webssite
      with Multiple Streams of Income.

    • Header graphic designed exclusively
      for your website.

    • Getting Started Guide.

    • Hosting
      on a Super Fast and Reliable USA based server is from $2.00 per
      month. You are able to choose your own package. 3 months, 6 months, 12
      months and 24 months prepayment options are available. You are free to
      move the website to your servers at any time (server must be LINUX
      based and support PHP scripts).  You are also free to move your
      website to your own host. We can also install the website at your
      hosting if you provide us with your hosting account Cpanel login
      details. Please also notice that we can not include our domain name
      registration if you do not host at ClassyHost.

    • Complete license to your website design, graphics,
      and programming. 100% ownership and control!

    • Complete
      turnkey operation. Fully functional and developed – ready to make
      money! No training needed.

    • FREE!
      Friendly and Professional E-mail support for as long as you host with

    • Manual
      containing of all your pertinent information and passwords.

      will also give you free access to our marketing guides and software
      download. Our huge set of ebooks/software will help you to bring tons
      of visitors to your website and to build the Fortune on the Internet.

    • We leave
      positive feedback
       for all our customers who pay on
      time and leave us positive feedback. As soon as we receive your
      feedback we will leave feedback for you. If you have a problem or
      question regarding your transaction please contact us before leaving
      any type of feedback. We will work with you to resolve any problem!


    ClassyHost Web Design, we provide classy but affordable services
    throughout the Web-based business world: ecommerce solutions for those
    who need to make money online and really hassle-free Web hosting.
    Being a hosting company, we are interested that our
    customers’  websites are succesful and growing, otherwise we
    would not make money too. That is why you can be sure that you get the
    premium service. With over 20 years of Internet Business experience, we
    have started marketing at Ebay from 2004. We offer plenty of turnkey
    websites, from Credit Repair,  Real Estate, Travel website
    Business to Multiple Income Sources websites for any niche of your
    choice, powerful hosting and domain names registration. New turnkey
    websites are added every week. Whatever your budget, ClassyHost can
    provide you with a web presence to make a fortune online.

    Please email us if you have any questions by using “Ask Seller a
    Question” option.

  • ClassyHost Established Websites for Sale

    Warranty and Guarantee

    The complete set of websites, contents, product
    downloads and scripts are guaranteed to work at the time when
    the website is set up and transferred to you. All sales are final.
    Earning and Income statements made by our company estimate of what
    we think you can possibly earn.
    As with any business, your results may
    vary, and will be based on your individual capacity and level of
    desire. We will provide you with the details on how to obtain your
    affiliate IDs, however we are not Google Adsense, Ebay Partner network
    and other programs managers so we can not guarantee your success
    of application. However this website has options to use multiple
    affiliate systems so you can easily replace any ads provider with
    another one through your admin panel.

We accept payment PayPal payments which allows you to pay either from
your Paypal balance or with your credit/debit card.

Please pay as soon as possible after purchasing your item, as that will
allow us to deliver your product to you sooner!

Your new website will be either installed or established
webste details provided to you within one business day (usually within
few hours).

Most services will be provided the same day if payment is received
before 4 pm.


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