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Incredible Coupon Website Free Installation+Hosting



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Price: 1400 USD

Incredible Coupon website Free Installation+Hosting

  Incredible Coupon website Free

Installation + Hosting 

Free Installation + Free Hosting 

Coupons, Deals or Both

You can choose precise purpose of your 

website by picking

 one of the three modes, deal website where deals  

will be used only, coupon website where 

coupons will be used only or both  

included where deals &

coupons will be


Perfect For Affiliates

Hide coupon links and use hidden links to cloak your

affiliates so you can keep your partners secret.

Fixed or Percent Submit Fee

You can setup different fees for submitting coupons & deals.

So fee for coupons & deals can be different plus they can

 be fixed or percent based. Or both or even free. 

All is possible with Incredible Coupon.

Mega Menu Supported

Create your own unlimited awesome custom mega menus for any

page you like using links or images (up to 4 columns).

Very easy to set up by combining main

menu and sidebar widgets.

website & Store Offers

Allow customers to choose if they want to share buyer

purchased price with website owner or if they

want to earn from direct discount sales.

Make Profit

Allow all customers to submit offers, advertise their products & services,

earn money trough your website, control payments smartly

and keep all organized with awesome functionality.

Send Payments

Make single payment to each customer or

make all payments at once with great

administration payment tools.

Social Register

Allow all website visitors to become full members with social

connect. So they can use Facebook, Google+ or

Twitter profiles to register on the website.

Advertising Allowed

Advertisings are completely supported so you can copy/

paste your advertise codes on any page you like, 

even on the home page,sidebars & footer.

Full Membership System

  Incredible Coupon allows website owners to

 choose if they want to allow registering

on the website or not, which gives opportunity to use CouponXL

only for affiliates for example , without memberships.

Awesome Profile Dashboard

Truly great fully automated My Profile front end dashboard where your customers can track each deal or coupon they submitted,

 purchased or they can track vouchers they have. 

 Also they can edit their profiles, submit

changes for some deals or coupons. They can track CTR

very important visitors statistics and  see what is the

best way and what to advertise on the website.

Submit Deals & Coupons

Intuitive and modern designed submit deals & coupons

page will allow your customers to

enjoy submitting new deals & coupons.

Stores or Deals Geolocation & Map

From v1.5 Incredible Coupon is possible to have map on home page or use

shortcode with all map markers store locations or deals. All you

need to do is to add long. & lat. to your stores.

Stores or Deals Geolocation & Map

Major improvements with permalinks to be translatable and used as

pretty permalinks. That means that you can translate deals,

coupons, offers and signs into SEO optimized links.

SEO Custom Pretty Permalinks

Those extra pages will allow your customers to pick

deals and coupons directly from beautifully

designed category, locations 

and stores pages.

Child website Support

In order to keep your site always fresh and updated

and to keep all changes even after updates,

we provided full support for child websites.

Unlimited Color Schemes

Set up unlimited color schemes throughout website. Set

color of the buttons,change main overall website

color and brand your website as you like.

Unlimited Google Fonts

Set up any of 640+ fonts for your website. Also you can set

up different font for titles and content. Beside that you

can set up completely different font for navigation.

SEO Optimized & SEO Friendly

This website follows latest SEO standards with properly

 used all HTML tags.

There are several pages which help your content to promote better

like categories, locations, deal single with categories

and tags and of course WP blog pages.

Different Deals Types

There are two different deal types you can choose,

you can choose paid deals or affiliate deals.

Different Coupon Types

There is three different coupon types 

and few combinations of them.You 

can choose print coupon,affiliate

 link coupon and code coupon

and you can mix them all 

 with affiliate links.

Custom XML Importer

With  Incredible Coupon you can import any .xml 

and auto add as much as you like coupons 

 and deals to your website with just 

few clicks.All you need to do

 is to prepare your .xml

 and that is it.

Full Support For External Importers

We understand customers needs and we have allowed all

  Incredible Coupon buyers to have fully supported third party

WP plugin importers like WP All Import and others.

Custom Email Messages

You can setup basic look and feel of basic email interaction

between website owner and customer when they register, lose

password or need to discuss some change with you.

Custom Login, Register, Forgot Password

There is several friendly custom pages like login, register, lost password

etc.which will make better interaction between customers and

website and will give them better overall feel and look.

Minimum WP Knowledge Needed

Really minimum of WordPress knowledge is needed to run successfully

your own coupon & deals business with Incredible CouponWordPress

website,it comes with One Click Install and really dedicated support.

Dedicated Customer Support

Fast and dedicated customer support trough our specially

designed forum where 24h is the maximum waiting time.

Backend & Frontend Auto Discount Calculator

When submitting coupons or deals your customers have completely

automated price calculation method so they will never use anything

outside website to calculate right percentage or sale price.

Offers Ratings

Allow visitors and customers to rate deals and coupons so

new customers will always be informed about quality

of coupons and deals on your website.

Deal Comments

Beside ratings and other methods for customers

 to check quality of some deals and coupons 

 there is really great comment system

for each deal where your

 can track some deals,their 

 quality and find out more

from customers 


Grid Or List Layout

Your customers can choose between two

awesome layouts, grid view or list view. website

owner/administrator can enable or disable this in backend anytime.

Sidebar Offer Filters

There are main filter on All/Search page in sidebar where your

customers can easily access locations and categories they

need. You can set up that filter to show or to hide empty

Page Filter

In page filter your customers can choose between layouts (grid/list)

and also they can sort by ratings, time left or date published.

Popular Coupons

There is a popular coupons and deals which can be listed

in specific page template designed specially with

purpose to show only popular offers sorted by rate.

Easy to Translate & Translate Ready

Incredible Coupon website is fully translatable

and in same 

time it is easy to translate.

Deal Single Page

Deal page is beautiful, flat & simple and modernly designed to

catch customers attention. There is great time lapse

timer, items bought are, google map and so on.

Custom Sidebars

A lot of custom sidebars will let you choose completely

different widgets in different pages. Each page

in Coupon XL WP have an option for sidebar.

Time & Number Based Deals

Protect your clients and their business to be overloaded with many unhappy customers. With Incredible Coupon website  

 your customers can choose between time  

left deals and deals number

 of items left.

All Post Formats Included

You will get all post formats included with Incredible

Coupon WordPress website so you can

choose wide range of post types.

Easy One Click Install

No pain when installing Incredible Coupon website

Simple and easy with one click you can set 

 up your website to looks like demo in full.

So you can start building your

 website from there.

Store Single Page

Each store have their own single page which

is really powerful for SEO and overall ranking.

Initial/Default Location

Incredible Coupon website allows you to set up default

        location on first visit of the website.

Dashboard Statistics

Built in WP Dashboard quick statistics panels where you can

see different types of statistic data like Coupons,

Deals, Users and Earnings.

Social Share

Beautifully designed social share on each deal, coupon

or blog post will let your customers to share your

posts and offers at light speed.

Notification Bar

Inform your visitors about any changes related to your business

trough Incredible Coupon Notification bar which can be

permanent or users can remove it.

Sticky Navigation


 Incredible Coupon you can use your navigation in ‘sticky’ 

way or in normal way. In website options you can choose

between two modes of the navigation easily.

Lightspeed Fast

Really fast and secure.

Communication Allowed

  Incredible Coupon website comes with great discussion based system

between website owner and offer submitter. This makes so

easy to follow your customers and their wishes.




                                            100% SEO arcade site that your visitors

                                                       and search engines will love.​



      SEO friendly and is optimized to display on tablets and smartphones.

Note : Domain name is not included

Visit Demo For More Details…


Mobile Responsive 




                              This WEB is optimized… 


                                      to the HIGHEST LEVEL for…                                           





Life long Technical Support

we will provide complete website with sub domain

Or else, you can use your own domain

[you can to get your own domain with any domain registrar(ask me if you don’t know how)]

Even if you have your own hosting we will do complete set up on your hosting also.

Contact us if you have more questions!

Lifetime 24/7 Support – we will do our best to assist you for business success 🙂

PayPal is our preferred Payment Method because

it is safe and secure.

Payment must be received within

2 days of purchase, however

if this is not possible, please let us know

to discuss further solutions.

Item(s) will be dispatched within

24 hours of full payment.

Please make sure you reply to all our messages

as soon as possible to help complete

the transaction.


We can host for you free and no monthly charge for the next 03 months with CPanel, 

But if you want to host websites with us with your own CPanel that would be the price for the month.

We will create your own CPanel account with your login details to host your websites.

Free Setup and free support.

Note : Domain name is not included

                                                                      about us​


We are supplying rich & high-quality websites and other internet related services

We have Different types of website from web BLOG to Multi affiliate sites, Web stores even enterprise websites
We can assure that we have a site for each & every customer need.
If you are interested in making that internet fortune, totally rely on the internet or just having a little fun online we could have the website for you.
We can also host the site for you on our Server, and we will offer full support & assistance
Please take time to browse our eBay store at our varied title listings.


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