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Property Sale Store Website Free Installation+Hosting



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Price: 1200 USD

Property Sale Store website Free Installation+Hosting

Property Sale Store website

Free Installation+Hosting

Free Installation + Free Hosting 

“We will do the installation at no extra cost.

let us know

 if you want to set it up yourself.”

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 With Property Sale Store website, users are able to manage their own listings without

accessing admin dashboard.They can manage their profile, password and payment

backlog too. By using this website you can start charging your users

and earn money. We prepared for you a website with strong

 monetization focus. Pay per post and packages are  

industry standard but you can use our new “extras” 

earning tools (including pay per featured or pay for TOP)

to increase your monthly wage. Combination of monetization

and our statistics makes Property Sale Store website a powerful website.

website is quite scalable and you can use it for large real estate portals or small agencies

in just few clicks. Do you need custom change in your website? Not a problem at all.

 Everything is hooked into WordPress actions and can be easily removed or 

added. If you have a problem check our extended documentation or

video channel. At the end there is an always our dedicated

support staff to help you.

Front End Submission

  This website allows to add properties by your users. Create the property directory by few clicks. If you

want you can review newly added properties before publishing. Of course it is possible to charge

  users for using your website. Plugins has builtin pay per post and package system.  

Property management

Manage properties from WordPress admin. Custom version of table

display is containing all important information about properties 

like featured image, price and assigned taxonomy terms.

WP REST API integration

Plugin offers option to search for properties via API. Plugin adds options to filter properties by

custom fields. This website extends default API output by new fields as well. Check an API

request at wprealia.com to see how easy is to filter by custom fields. It is possible

to filter by same fields as plugin uses in front end widgets. So there are

available more than 20+ fields.

Price Formatting Options

Property Sale Store website supports various price formatting options. You can

define the currency where you are able to set currency sign and number

formatting options like number of decimal places, decimal

point and thousands separator.

For properties you can set another group of price settings. You are able to write

alphanumeric text instead of price amount or add your custom prefix and suffix.

Are you developer and still not satisfied with price formatting? Don’t worry

. Everything is located in one method so it is pretty easy to change the functionality.

Agencies & Agents

With Property Sale Store website plugin you are able to assign agents to properties and

create agencies grouping agents. Great for internal purposes or directory listings.

Import listings

Import property listings from your CSV/XML file into the Property Sale Store website

with free Add-on into WP All Import plugin. Automatically look up property

coordinates by address, with support for all other property fields.


Front end submission system

Pay per post

Package system

Review before submission

Pay for featured or sticky property

Google map support

Received transactions

Advanced price formatting

Agent contact form on property detail

Custom measurement

Plays nicely with Twenty Fifteen

Easy for developers

All settings are in customizer

OOP architecture

row/grid version of property archive

reCAPTCHA supports to inquire form

Terms and conditions link from registration form

Custom post types





Custom taxonomies


Property types





website requires at least PHP 5.3.4

One click installation

Please make sure that you are using PHP 5.3.4 and have

max_execution_time set to 120 seconds.If you don’t know

your server settings please contact hosting provider.



                                            100% SEO arcade site that your visitors

                                                       and search engines will love.



      SEO friendly and is optimized to display on tablets and smartphones. 


    Visit Demo For More Details…


Mobile Responsive 






                               This WEB is optimized…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

                                    to the HIGHEST LEVEL for…                                           







   PayPal is our preferred Payment Method because

  it is safe and secure.

  Payment must be received within

2 days of purchase, however

  if this is not possible, please let us know

  to discuss further solutions.

  Item(s) will be dispatched within

  24 hours of full payment.

   Please make sure you reply to all our messages as

   soon as possible to help complete

  the transaction.


We can host for you free and no monthly charge for the next 03 months with cpanel, 

But if you want to host websites with us with your own CPANEL that would be the price for the month.

We will create your own CPanel account with your login details to host your websites.

Free Setup and free support.

Note : Domain name is not included



We are supplying rich & high quality websites and other internet related services

We have Different types of website from web BLOG to Multi affiliate sites, Web stores even enterprise websites
We can assure that we have a site for each & every customer need.
If you are interested in making that internet fortune, totally rely on the internet or just having a little fun online we could have the website for you.
We can also host the site for you on our Server, and we will offer full support & assistance
Please take time to browse our eBay store at our varied title listings.


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