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Start Your Own Property Selling Website – Free Domain Name + Installation!



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Price: 3122 USD

Start Your Own Property Selling website – Free Domain Name + Installation!


Your Own Property Marketplace website

Earn a passive income from your own property marketplace (Like Zoopla & RightMove)

Live Demo: property1.smughost.co.uk (copy & paste into browser)
About The website

This is a ready to go website, we just need to add your domain (free domain) and setup the website to your branding and then your website is ready. Here is some more information about your new website.

Beautiful & Responsive: Your website is completely responsive so it works on all devices increasing your chance of earning money. We hope you would agree it looks gorgeous and we can even make minor changes for you (e.g. Background Changes, Colour Changes ect).

SEO Friendly: The pages we have already setup for you are completely SEO Friendly. This way you are more likely to get picked up by search engines and get a passive income even quicker.

Homepage: This is the homepage, it has a stunning header with the feature background and search field, social icons so you can build your social presence quicker. It has more quality blocks such as properties and blocks to try and get people to stay on your site. You can also earn more money by activating the advertisements.

Blog: You have the option to have a blog on your website. This is managed by you on the control panel. We recommend you using this function because it will increase your search results, you can use it to link to the properties and to provide value to your visitor’s.

Control Panel: You can manage lots of aspects of your website in the control panel as well as seeing your reports and results to see how your website is doing. You can manage your blog, social icons, advertisements, blog comments and even more.

Property Pages: Your properties pages are designed to look fantastic and provide lots of information, they also provide a way for visitor’s to contact the owner of the listing.

Accounts: Your users can create accounts and add properties themselves. You also earn money if they feature there properties. The more visitors you get the more you can charge.

SSL Certificates: Your website will have a SSL Certificate so you and your customers are safe. The ssl certificate lets your customers know your website is safe. It also gets you ranked higher in search engines.

More Pages: Your website will also have a contact page so your customers can contact you. You will have a terms of service page and a privacy policy page. If you need other pages please let us know and we should be able to help.

There are even more features included in the website and everything is branded!



What’s Included?

Domain Name Registration: If you don’t already have a domain name (www.brandname.com) we will register one for you. We will do our best to get the one you want and give you all the options. 

   We will take care of the ordering of that domain and setting it up properly.
The domain name is included in the price! This is not an additional cost we will pay for the first year for you. 

   You take care of it as of the second year.

website Hosting: We take care of the website hosting, this is all included in the price. We will set the hosting up and ensure you have the right hosting for your website. The first month of hosting is included and then it’s just £3.99 a month.

SEO: We will ensure your website is SEO friendly, all pages will have the relevant meta tags and you will have a sitemap setup so we can get you listed on search engines quickly and effectively.   

   We take care of this process while developing your website. SEO is extremely important to get your website seen by more people. 

   We will also include a sitemap for you so you can easily submit your website to search engines.

SSL Certificates: It’s 2019, your website needs a valid SSL Certificate, this ensures you and your customers are safe online. You also need the certificate to be listed better on search engines. 

   SSL Certificates give you the green bar (with a pad lock) in the browser and lets your customers know your website is safe.
We will set this up for you.

Premium Support: You will have your own dedicated account manager who will manage your website, support you when needed and check in with you. They are trained to handle anything you need. 

Professional Email Accounts: We will setup professional email addresses for your website (e.g. hello at yourbrand.com). As a professional business you cannot be using personal email account addresses.

   These email addresses make your business look so much more professional and gives your brand a better look. We will set the emails up and also help you learn how to use them, even set them up on your smartphone.

Need More?: Tell us if there is anything else you need, we will be happy to try and help. We might be able to handle even more for you.



How To Earn Money?

You are probably aware there is lots of money to made in the property world. There are multiple ways to earn money and this is a fantastic way to get passive income and money on the side of a current job and if marketed well could potentially become a full time job. If you choose you want to become your own estate agent you can easily use this website for that. We can also deactivate the submit property feature so only you can add properties.

Featured Listing: You earn money from estate agents featuring their listings, the more visitor’s you get the more you can charge for featured listings.

Advertisements: You can also place advertisements on your website, this is a fantastic way to earn extra, also this is a great way of earning money for the fact you are earning money even when you are sleeping. The best thing about advertising on this website is it usually has a good user retention rate which equals a lot of page views which means lots of money.

Offcourse if you plan to start selling properties yourself there is thousands of pounds available on each listing.

Lots of money can be earned here, the website is good to go, you have to get the audience!



How It Works

So once you order this we will send you a link to signup for the service at Smughost, this is for managing your Smughost account. We will then ask you to fill in a short form just so we can register your domain name and learn more about your new website. We will then setup your website. You can then market your website and start earning money. You can add your own advertisement codes and set your own settings and prices.



How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing it isn’t worth! The setup costs £24.99 and this includes the first year of your domain name. That is paid directly through eBay. It’s then just £3.99 a month (usually £4.99) and this is for the website hosting that keeps your site running quick, we are also here to help.



Thanks for your interest!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please don’t forget to checkout the live demo below the images!


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