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The 2022 CONTENT Planner For Health and Wellness Professionals: Create your enti



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The 2022 CONTENT Planner For Health and Wellness Professionals: Create your enti


The 2022 Content Planner for Health and Wealth Professionals is the ultimate planner for
managing all your social media and email content and it has been designed specifically with the
health and wellness business owner in mind.

I know from working with hundreds of you that having a content strategy is something that many of you struggle with! Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter or another platform or in your regular email marketing, coming up with ideas, a plan and a strategy for what to be saying/posting/promoting causes people stress that I want to remove!

Having a consistent content strategy means that you can get visible to even more customers, therefore putting you in a position to impact and help more people, and in the process of that, earn more money!
Everyone’s a winner!

These days, it’s massively important that you have an online presence that shows your skills, talent, abilities, knowledge and personality to build that ‘know, like and trust’ factor. You need to be consistent in the online space and your content needs to be relevant, helpful and of value to your ideal clients. You cannot just post random, haphazard posts when you happen to remember and expect those posts and your online presence to convert into a flurry of sales!

People buy from people, so with this content planner I am giving you a simple way to ensure that your content has a method and a strategy and that you can plan it for the whole of 2022 according to what your products/services are and when you are launching or wanting to showcase or push a particular service or product.

It’s everything you need to ensure your content plan for your whole business is 100% aligned
with your business and your goals for 2022.

In this content planner you get:

  • Instructions/tips/advice/examples on how to use the planner, so if you have never planner content before I have you covered!
  • Month to view diary to plan an overview of your content for the whole year
  • Week to view – this is where you get to be more specific on what you will plan for every week and on what days. This is where the magic happens!
  • 100 Content Ideas for when your mind goes blank, because it will, so let’s remove that barrier!
  • 365 days worth of awareness days plus space to write your own specific to your industry, because these can make great content at times!
  • A monthly tracker to record your visibility and audience growth across your social media and email platforms, because you need to know that your visibility and presence online is growing as a result of your fabulous content.
  • Notes section for planning, brainstorming or just having a good brain dump, because there is nothing worse than just wanting a piece of paper and not finding one!


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