In this article, will be listing the top three affiliate marketing platforms for newbies. Before doing so, let dig into the notion of affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing, also called revenue sharing marketing, refers to the process of making online money by selling other people or goods. Affiliate marketers usually have their own website or blogs and collect visitor information via an affiliate marketing system.

When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link to make money, you get paid. You can also be a member of an affiliate marketing platforms as they often provide these services for free. With time, one can make money through advertising, through getting affiliates to sell products using your platform, and through being able to have their own products to sell. With all these benefits, there are a lot of affiliate marketing platforms out there.

Shareasale is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms. Their site offers a free website set up which you can access to run your business. Once your account has been created, you can sign in and start advertising your products.

As an affiliate, you can choose to be a Lead generation Agent (LSA) or a Content Provider (CPC). An LSA is tasked to looking for clients and send them emails and newsletters. On the other hand, a CPC is tasked to performing various tasks such as creating articles and generating leads. The commission rate per action is the basis on how much a merchant will pay you as an LSA or as a content provider. Your success in both roles depends on how efficient you are.

The good things about Shareasale are that it allows its affiliates to sell their own products, whereas most other affiliate marketing platforms restrict sellers from selling their own products. This is good for affiliates because they can earn more by selling other peoples’ products. There are also several tools offered by the platform. You can find helpful software and tools to help you monitor the performance of your keywords and campaigns. You can also set up a blog for your affiliate marketing campaign.

With the growing popularity of Zappian Media, another popular affiliate venture, another affiliate marketing platform that has been gaining popularity recently is Flippa. It is actually another news aggregator like Usability. With the help of this software, you can get breaking news about the most popular things across the globe. As an affiliate, you will be able to make money from the news that you promote. There are several different news blurbs that you can choose from but you should know that the most recent ones are more likely to become viral, or buzzworthy, among the masses.

The sixth popular affiliate marketing platform for the year 2020 is CJ Affiliate. This is actually a software platform that allow affiliate marketers to manage their affiliate accounts, market products, and promote services among others. This is actually one of the easiest platforms to use and it comes with helpful tools for affiliate marketers to boost their earnings. In fact, CJ Affiliate is ranked 6th on the Alexa chart.

The last affiliate network for the year 2020 is called Google Associates. This is a very user-friendly program and it lets you earn money through Google’s advertising programs. In fact, this is considered to be one of the best affiliate networks in the world right now. As an affiliate, you will receive commissions based on the number of clicks on your Google ads. There are various ways that you can market your affiliate network like through blogs, articles, press releases, and more. The best thing about Google Associates is that you will be able to earn money not only from Google AdWords but also from other related programs from Google.

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