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Using Facebook Marketing to Maximize Your Results



Facebook marketing is quickly becoming one of the leading online advertising platforms for brands looking to advertise their products or services. Recently, a whopping survey was conducted which indicated that more than half of UK consumers use Facebook. This huge audience is made up of users from different age groups and demographics. It is also a platform where many businesses can advertise for free, as well as set up sponsored stories and promotions. To take advantage of this amazing resource, it is important to have an understanding of how this social media platform works.

One of the most fundamental components of Facebook marketing is its simple application method. Users are simply required to complete their profile information, choose their interests and add relevant information to their profiles such as pictures, business news, and personal data. Their pages will then appear on the right-hand side of the user’s News Feed, and a new timeline will be created to display their latest activity. Businesses need to take note of important factors when it comes to using Facebook marketing strategies. First and foremost, it is essential to ensure that all of the required information has been provided, as this will help create a more useful user experience, which will drive more traffic and potential customers to a company’s website.

One of the other key components of a successful Facebook marketing campaign lies in the form of customer support and forum interactivity. To encourage visitors to return to the company’s website and to use the contact details provided, it is important to ensure that they can access all aspects of customer support and service. For example, a popular form of interaction for many UK residents on Facebook is the “chatbot” feature, which enables users to chat with a particular brand. A chatbot is essentially a virtual assistant, enabling businesses to provide answers to commonly asked questions or to ask general questions about specific products or services. Businesses should ensure that they include chatbot functionality in their website, as this will increase the chance of retaining a high level of customer support and help ease customer concerns.

It is also necessary for UK businesses to fully utilize the features available through the email marketing application. Facebook offers several unique email marketing channels, including fan pages, where businesses can create a more personalized page for their customers and display their recent activity. In addition to this highly targeted and highly responsive fan page, businesses should also take advantage of the opportunity to publish valuable content via the news feed of their Facebook page. Newsfeeds are one of the most highly searched components across all major search engines, and the ability for users to receive up-to-date information regarding any given item can significantly increase online revenue conversion rates. Newsfeeds can be published in many different formats, including blog posts, news links, press releases, and photo captions, which will greatly assist in driving highly targeted traffic towards a company’s website.

social media marketing is not limited to news feeds and fan pages, however. Businesses should take advantage of the opportunities provided by the podcasting format, as well. Podcasts allow users to broadcast their conversations with other participants directly back to their followers, as well as broadcasting audio content from their desktop computer. A business can utilize these formats to broadcast company news, podcasts, interviews, and special events. While it may seem somewhat complicated to manually create a podcast, the amount of time and resources saved is much more than anyone would estimate. Furthermore, podcasting allows users to broadcast to a highly targeted audience, as listeners will be very likely to be within the target demographic or niche of a business.

With such a diverse array of advertising channels, it is easy for UK businesses to achieve high results. However, organizations should ensure that they choose the appropriate Facebook marketing channels for their business, to maximize the results that they experience. By properly leveraging the unique features of Facebook, a business will be able to attract the right audience and create highly responsive and highly targeted ads that will greatly improve overall visibility.



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