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Video Surgeon 3: The Hottest Guitar Learning Tool On The Market Today!



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Why You Should Begin Using

Video Surgeon Today?

As a guitarist there are four main benefits of using Video Surgeon. Near the top of this
short list is time
Video Surgeon can save you dozens if not hundreds of hours a year, by
enabling you to learn new
material on your guitar quicker and easier
than you ever thought possible:


Video Surgeon enables you to breakdown any guitar video and make the difficult and complex, simple. Not
only can you see what is being played but you can see HOW it is begin played.

Time Saving

Whether a student or teacher, the 1-2-3 punch of slow motion, zooming and looping make learning much
quicker and easier. Add to this speed trainer and split screen playback and you have a powerful learning

Money Saving

VS’s ability to breakdown any guitar video and make the difficult and complex simple means that you can
use the video of any good guitarist as a learning tool. There is no need to buy training videos when you
can learn from those available in the public domain.

Use What The Pros Use

While practice is important, don’t overlook the importance of having the good tools.
Video Surgeon has
many of the same features found in high end video analysis software used by the pros at
a fraction of
the cost.

With Video Surgeon You Can:

Learn New Guitar Material 614% Faster

Ten years ago, we conducted a survey of guitarists that had purchased and were using a guitar lesson that
contained audio that was slowed down to 50% of the original tempo.

We asked them how much easier it was to learn from these slowed down lessons than from something playing at
normal tempo. We knew that slowing down made things easier, but what the survey results showed blew us away.
Almost 200 guitarists told us that these slow down lessons increased their ability to learn by 2 to 10 fold,
with the average being 614%. Wow, that’s huge.

And remember this was 10 years ago… our product has been vastly improved since that time. It allows you to
slow down much further while still retaining quality, it has speed trainer, frame by frame analysis and
split screen playback.

Don’t Take Our Word For It – See It In Action Below

When you combine, slow motion, high quality audio, with repeated playback (looping) with speed trainer (to
gradually increase or decrease speed) and zooming so you can zero in on any part of the video, you have
an almost unstoppable combination of powerful tools for breaking down, analyzing and decipher any guitar
riff or song, no matter how difficult it is

  • The 3 brief videos in this section demonstrate the power of Video Surgeon. They are:
  • A normal video that you might find anywhere on the WWW.
  • The same video using Video Surgeon with slow motion, zooming, and full screen
  • The same video again with slow motion, zooming, and full screen but in split screen

Video Surgeon slows both audio and video, so not only do you hear the audio at a slower speed but you see
the hands on the fret board in slow motion also — and on top of this — Video Surgeon allows you to zoom-in
so you can magnify part of the video frame, for example the fret hand. Lastly, Video Surgeon enables you to
create loops which isolate a specific segment of the video for repetitive playback.

When you combine, slow motion, with zooming, and looping you have powerful tool for breaking down,
analyzing and decipher any guitar riff or song, no matter how difficult it is.

Normal Guitar Video – Full Screen

50% Tempo + Zoom – Full Screen

50% Tempo + Zoom – Split Screen

25% Tempo + Zoom – Full Screen

Stop Wasting Countless Hours Trying To Learn

New Material or a Difficult Riff On Your Guitar

Let Video Surgeon Do the Heavy Lifting For You

While dedication, practice and hard work are important components to learning guitar, don’t under-estimate
the importance of having the correct tools. I don’t know about you but, on more occasions than I care to
remember, I have had the unpleasant experience of seeing relatively small tasks that should have been
completed in an hour or so, become half day projects simply because I didn’t have the tools I

Playing guitar is no different. Tools can be a big help, and Video Surgeon is one of those must-have

that will help you get the job done efficiently.

Video Surgeon was specifically designed for guitarists, not some IT guy or gadget wizard. You will find the
basic operations intuitive and easy to use. Slow motion playback, zooming-in, creating looping areas to
isolate segments, split screen playback so you can see BOTH strumming and fretting hands simultaneously and,
of course, Speed Trainer.

Speed Trainer is a function within a looping area that automatically increases or decreases
the speed of playback each time it loops, based upon our customized settings. You select a beginning and
ending tempo – and a percentage change, and Video Surgeon will do the rest. Speed Trainer allows you
to practice with increasing speed
, thus enhancing your learning.

When slow motion, zooming and looping are employed at the same time, you have a powerful tool to
assist you
in analyzing any guitar video, and maximizing your learning potential from it.

Is That All It Does?

Actually, that’s just the beginning. Video Surgeon also enables you to do frame-by-frame review and
analysis, it allows you to print video frames while zoomed in, it performs basic editing, and it can EXPORT
changes — creating a new video with slow motion and zoom embedded in the new video. It has
split screen
playback, the ability to annotate videos, and much, much more. Following below is a more detailed listing of
some of Video Surgeon’s major features.

Features and Benefits Comparison

Video Slow Motion

( to 75, 50, 25 or even 10% )

The benefit of video slow motion is that you can see many things that you might otherwise miss when
playing at normal speed, thus allowing you to analyze strengths and weaknesses. The identification
of weaknesses, problems or errors is the most important first step to fixing them.

Video Zooming

(2, 4, or 8 fold ot even more)

The ability to zoom-in when a video is playing allows a user to magnify a specific part of the video
frame, such as the fingers on the fret board, making it easier to see what is going on and to
ascertain details that might otherwise be overlooked.

Repeated playback of a Video Segment

The creation of looping areas allows guitarists to isolate specific parts of a video for repetitive
playback. This allows for the continuous repeated viewing of an isolated segment that
may aid in the
understanding of the note being played or the technique being used such (hammer-on, pull off, slide,

Simultaneous Video Slow Motion, Zooming and Looping

Slow motion, zooming, and looping are each important features and valuable when reviewing video.
However, when combined their power is magnified several times over and they become
a potent tool for analyzing a video and extracting all of the valuable and useful
information from

Split Screen Playback (SCP)

This feature allows you to open and play two videos simultaneously. These might be before
and after
or they might be the same video with one instance zoomed in on the fretting hand
and the
second zoomed in on the strumming hand. This side-by-side view allows you to compare or
learn from
two different videos in real time.

Speed Trainer (ST)

Speed Trainer allows you to set a beginning and ending tempo for a specific area of a video you have
isolated within a loop, and then designate a percent change. Once you start ST it will begin playing
at the beginning tempo and then automatically increase by the percentage change each time it loops
until you reach the ending tempo. The ST tools is a great way to practice and helps you
build up speed.

Reverse or Backwards Playback

Most of the time we watch and learn from videos as they play. However, it can sometimes be helpful
to view a video in reverse motion to further analyze or tease out additional information.

Video Editing

Video Surgeon contains basic editing capabilities that allow you to delete unwanted sections,
thereby trimming a long, large file size video down and saving only what you really need. It also
allows you to copy and paste together segments from multiple videos, giving you the ability to
create a composite video of several different guitar riffs.

Insert Text/Shapes Onto a Video

The ability to insert text or shapes onto a video allows you to annotate the video which
may be
helpful for learning teaching purposes

Make Changes Permanent and Portable

Most of the changes made to a video can be made permanent by Exporting the video
and creating a new
one with your changes embedded in it. Videos created using the Export function are standard video
files that are portable and can be moved and played in any standard video player.

Whether a Student, Teacher or a DIY Learner

Video Surgeon Will Give You a Real Competitive Edge

Whether you are just learning to play the guitar, an advanced player, someone that plays in a band, or an
instructor, Video Surgeon can help you learn new material faster and easier than you ever thought possible.
How? By slowing and zooming in you’ll not only be able to hear and see every note being played, but you’ll
also be able to see the nuances of HOW it is being played. Was that a pull off, hammer on, slide or bend?
you use video in your training, teaching, instruction, lessons or learning, Video Surgeon can be an
enormously powerful tool.

Get the frame-by-frame analysis you need to identify where you can improve your guitar playing, give
yourself a competitive advantage, and set yourself on the path to true success. Best of all, it won’t cost
you an arm and a leg to get your hands on this powerful guitar learning tool.

But What About Sheet Music and Tablature??

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet looking for guitar tabs for a particular song, you already know
that finding accurate tabs is almost impossible. Most of the stuff you find is just not that good — and
some of it is pretty awful. Okay, you say, then what about sheet music? Recently I bought sheet music for
six popular, well known songs that you hear on the radio. I had a 40+ year, guitar veteran go through each
song and transcribe it and compare it to the original song on the radio. Any guesses as to what we found?
The sheet music was not the same as the actual song!

What that means for you is that if you want to or need to learn a song, or riff, or solo, the only way to
it is to analyze it and figure it out yourself. You can do this on your own without any tools, or you can
Video Surgeon and cut the time required by at least 6 fold. The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How is Video Surgeon provided?

Video Surgeon and the two free bonuses are accessed via download links or via CDs

The CD option is available on checkout for a few extra dollars.

The standard method of deliver is by download link. If you ever need to reinstall or grab another copy
of the products you can always download them again from the links in your Order Email Confirmation. In
addition, you can find links for Video Surgeon on the Downloads section of the
Help Desk 24/7/365.

2. How many licenses come with my purchases ?

You purchase of Video Surgeon allows you to activate it on 2 machines at any one time within your
immediate family (you, spouse, children). You cannot share it with co-workers, band members, fellow
students or anyone that is not a member of your immediate family.

3. Is my purchase of Video Surgeon a subscription?

Video Surgeon 3 is sold on a 1-time purchase basis. All intra-version updates are free. At some point,
when a new major version is developed and released, i.e. Version 4, if you choose to upgrade to this new
Version, you will be required to purchase this new build at the normal cost, less you previous customer
discount (about 30%).

4. What are the machine requirements for Video Surgeon 3?

Video Surgeon runs on Windows 7 – Windows 11 (64 bit). We have plans to develop this also for Mac but
this version is not yet available. We recommend at least 8 Gb of Ram and quad core processor. While it
will run on machines with fewer resources, its operation may be slow or sub-optimal. If you have any
doubt about your machine, we suggest you install and run the demo as a test. Video Surgeon is not built
to run on mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems.

5. What is the lowest level of slow motion that can be used in Video Surgeon?

The slowest motion setting on Video Surgeon is 10%. This means that both audio and/or video will be
slowed down to 10% of the original playback speed.

6. How good is the video quality in Video Surgeon?

Video Surgeon has some modest video enhancement tools such as sharpness, contrast, and brightness. The
use of such adjustments will not result in major improvements. It is important to start with good
quality video footage. To a great extent the “garbage in garbage” out adage applies. If you start with
good quality video you will be able to slow down and zoom-in and analyze the video. However, if you
begin with low a quality video, then zooming may be impossible because the quality will deteriorate
rapidly. Also, there are differences between interlaced and progressive video formats that will
influence quality.

7. I am a musician and I am concerned about the audio quality as the video is slowed down. How good is
the audio quality?

Video Surgeon uses a high quality audio algorithm to process the audio stream. This is the same audio
algorithm we use in our audio software for musician, and it does an excellent job of maintaining audio
quality at significantly reduced speeds.

8. Are the changes I make in Video Surgeon to a video permanent?

Video Surgeon enables you to save changes in two ways. One is as a Video Surgeon project file. This is
an internal file format used only by Video Surgeon. Changes saved in project files are reapplied to the
video when the project file is reopened, but no permanent changes are made.

The second option is the Export option. This option embedded the changes you have made into a new video
file, making your changes not only permanent but portable. Files created by using the Export command are
standard video files that will playback on all standard video players.

9. What is a loop point or looping area, and what is its purpose in Video Surgeon?

A looping area is an area created by placing a beginning and ending loop point on the video timeline.
Looping areas are created as a way of isolating a segment of a video so it can be played repeatedly.

Multiple looping areas can be created in the same video and each one can be customized separately to
play at a separate speed or loop for a specified number of times.

10. Can Video Surgeon print video frames?

Yes, Video Surgeon can print frames. It can print a single frame or it can print a series of frames. It
also can print to paper, or it can print to a digital image file (jpg)

11. What happened to the downloading module found in previous versions of Video Surgeon?

This newest version of Video Surgeon, Version 3, does not have a downloading module. As we have
explained going back almost 3 years ago, this change has been planned and has finally been implemented.
The change has been driven by legal concerns. The rationale is explained below:

In the past, Google among others, have sued to block some products that perform downloading functions.
However, it’s important to remember that many uses of copyrighted material are considered legal under
the fair use doctrine to U.S. copyright law. The fair use doctrine makes exceptions for non-infringing
purposes like news reporting, research, education — or just for laughs. Consider YouTube’s first big
legal copyright challenge, a 2007 video of a baby dancing to the Prince song “Let’s Go Crazy”. Universal
Music Group, the copyright holder of that hit song, sued the baby’s mom for copyright violation. A judge
ruled in favor of the mom and the baby, citing fair use.

Two things have happened recently that concern us. Once is that Google has terminated one of our Adwords
accounts citing the downloading module as the cause. Even more recently Google has sent a cease and
desist letter to a company that sells a YouTube Downloader application, similar to what we provide in
Video Surgeon.

Because of these developments we have made a business decision to remove the downloading (Sniffer)
modules Video Surgeon. It has already been removed from Song Surgeon, our other major product that
previously contained it.

Version 2 of Video Surgeon will not be affected by this decision and it will continue to contain the
downloading modules. However, like all older versions of our products, now that a newer version has been
released, it will no longer be updated. Accordingly if this downloading module ceases to function at
some point in the future we will provide support for it or fix it.

We know that many customers use and like this downloading feature. What we have done, to continue to
provide this functionality, is to consolidate the downloading modules found in our other products into a
single product called Download Surgeon. This new product has many added capabilities over what was found
in Video Surgeon. As a Video Surgeon 3 customer, you will be able to buy this product at a 40% discount
using this link:


In addition, we have built an online Youtube downloading module that you can try for free. Here is the


These two options allow customers who want these downloading features to be able to access them, while
at the same time, limiting our business exposure and shielding our main products, like Video Surgeon,
from any adverse effects.

Grab this ultimate guitar learning tool today,

save $60 bucks and get three free bonuses valued at $487

(while they are still available)

Todd, Michael & James, the parent company of Video Surgeon has been in the e-commerce
business more than 15 years and has sold products into more than 150 countries across the globe. Video
Surgeon comes with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence knowing that if there
is a problem you’ll get you money back, no question asked.
This 34% discount is a limited offer, so don’t wait, or you’ll miss out on the $60 savings.


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