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Why Email Marketing is Essential 100%



Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get your products or services in front of your target audience. It can boost sales, bring in new customers and help you to maintain strong relationships with existing ones.

Here are some reasons why email marketing is essential for your business:

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools in the digital landscape. If you are not using email to its fullest potential, you miss out on a great opportunity.

With email marketing, you can reach your customers with just the click of a button. You don’t have to pay for postage or go through the trouble of printing out flyers and brochures.

The key to email marketing is it’s personal. Your target audience feels like you are talking directly to clients, which is a massive advantage over other marketing channels.

Here are three reasons why email marketing is essential for your business:

1. Email is the marketing channel consumers prefer to communicate with companies. According to research conducted by marketingSherpa, 60% of survey respondents chose email as the preferred way to receive promotions and regular updates from companies with which they are interested in doing business. Only 20% of respondents chose social media, and 17% chose text messages.

2. Email is a far more personal form of communication than social media, something that consumers have stated they would like brands to improve on. Because there is a high opportunity for conversion, email marketing still ranks highly among the most effective channels marketers use today.

3. According to research conducted by marketingSherpa, over 80% of respondents say they prefer marketing emails because they provide a better value than other forms of communication. Email provides you with an opportunity to be personal with your subscribers and engage with them on a human level.

How email marketing works

If you’re a website owner, you’ve probably gotten an offer to rent or buy an email list. But if you’ve never used email marketing before, you might be wondering how it works.

Here’s what happens when you send emails to a rented or purchased email list: There are two primary ways to make money from an email list:

Sell your products or services to the subscribers

Sell advertising space in your emails or in the sidebar of your website to other businesses that sell products relevant to your readers

The first method is more profitable than the second, but both can be lucrative.

Here’s how email marketing works today:

You send a broadcast (one-time) mailing to your entire subscriber list, with a call-to-action to click on a link and buy something.

You send emails asking subscribers to click on links to share your content.

You send out emails with “content upgrades” (a special offer related to a blog post topic) that encourage subscribers to opt-in to your email list to receive that offer.

You manually create an email for each segment of people who complete specific actions on your site (for example, a purchase). These are called “autoresponders.”

That last one – autoresponders – is what we’re talking about in this guide.

Autoresponders are just like any other form of email marketing. Not visually cluttered with graphics and calls-to-action, they get higher open rates and clickthrough rates – ultimately leading to more sales.

The competition is fierce. Every year more than a trillion emails are sent, which is only growing. To capture your reader’s attention and keep them interested in what you have to say, you have to know how to write an email.

While there isn’t necessarily one right way, there are many wrong ways. Here are a few things to avoid when writing an email:

1. Don’t use a boring subject line

2. Don’t be too sales-y

3. Don’t send too many emails.

Email marketing is still a valuable tool for all types of marketing. However, it would be best to start looking beyond it now that consumers received endless spam messages. Instead, it would help if you focused on making your emails more personal and less automated.

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