In just two months, industry leading experts will gather to offer affiliates and affiliate managers the actionable tactics they need to AMPLIFY their performance. A virtual meeting of minds will take place on March 19 and 20, from wherever in the world you happen to be. It’s time for the agenda reveal!

AMPLIFY Explained

Our virtual learning event has been designed for enhanced accessibility and provides convenience and flexibility, high-quality content, and networking opportunities. We’ve packed so much content into the two-day event that you’ll need  time to digest and review what you learn, after the event. Therefore, why not re-visit the learnings at a time to suit you once the event closes?

Purchase your VIP ticket for just £49 and you will gain on-demand access to all of the content from both days. Prioritise the session that holds most value to you, or take your time to catch-up on each session and relive the insights from each day.

PLUS, with your £49 VIP ticket you can also access our private Ask Me Anything Networking Session for VIP ticket holders only. This session will be held after the main event in a private setting. Industry experts will help you triage and overcome your current affiliate program challenges.

The Agenda

Amplify has been curated to ensure you leave with actionable insights to help you to focus on growing your affiliate program results. Our speakers will show and tell you exactly what tools, strategies and tactical frameworks you can use to stand-out.

You can view the agenda here .

An Overview of AMPLIFY

As we journey nearer to the event, we’ll be taking a look at the Panel Sessions, MasterClasses, and Speakers in more detail. Take a few minutes to peruse the agenda for 2024 and see how industry minds including: Richard Dennys, Paula Oyinkan, Adam Riemer, and Affiverse Founder Lee-Ann Johnstone will help you to walk away with the insights you need.

Day One: March 19th 2024

Panel 1 – Amplifying your Affiliate Business in 2024 – Raising Capital and Managing Affiliates With Modern Financing

Panel 2 – Emerging Markets Debate – A Global Review

Panel 3 – Future Forward – Trends You Cannot Miss Out on in 2024 To Grow Your Affiliate Program Faster

Panel 4 – Navigating Rising Acquisition Costs in the Affiliate Industry

MasterClass 1 – Understanding the new SEO Updates – A MasterClass for Affiliates and Affiliate Managers

MasterClass 2 – Social Media & Lead Generation Tactics – Build Your Partnerships With Ease!

MasterClass 3 – AI & Automation Tech Bootcamp (Demonstrations)

Day Two: March 20th 2024

Panel 1 – Future Proofing your affiliate marketing Strategy in 2024. Predicting Big Shifts to Master Better Profits

Panel 2 How To Stay Ahead of Fraud and Keep Growing Your Program With New Traffic Sources and Performance Types

Panel 3 – Incrementality and Tracking – The Need for a Paradigm Shift Around Incrementality UPLIFT and Accurate Tracking To Build Sustainable Growth

MasterClass 1 – Amplify & Prosper – How To Scale Your Affiliate Program in a Live Triage Session

MasterClass 2 – Motivate and Deliver – Driving Performance Forward With Promotions That Engage

MasterClass 3 – Social Influencers and Affiliates – Does It Have To Be Feast or Famine?

We are excited to welcome you all to our March event. Tickets are selling fast and so please ensure you have yours secured.

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